Am I Still A Virgin And Can I Become Pregnant

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lakespure - May 23

The other day my partner and i were fooling around, he placed his p__s into my va___a but he did not enter just kind of playing, we did not use a condom, now am a virgin so we stopped there, he did not enter me at all but later i realised that i was bleeding a bit, does this mean that my hymen was broken and am no longer a virgin and also can i become pregnant from doing that.


mikel - May 23

the answer to this question i can't wait to see.


jjj - May 23

if you were playing around and his p___s was in you you can be pregnant. and alot of women break there hymen when they are just children from riding there bikes and stretching. you dont have to be a virgin to have broken it . if you use a tampon you dont have hymen


auds - May 23

Is this question for real??????


jjj - May 23

it seems so


!!!!! - May 23

if you need to ask a question like that maybe you shouldn't be fooling around in the first place......


jjjj - May 23

i agree with you


hi - May 23

jjj is right the hymen can break during active play. Also if your bf's p___s was inside of you, in my opinion you are no longer a virgin (however that is an interesting discussion on its own - when are you no longer a virgin? I'm think the answer might differ on religious and cultural beliefs). Virgin means that you have not had intercourse. If you don't want to worry about pregnancy and stds don't let your bf have intercourse with you - keep to the heavy petting. Also if there was pre-c_m you run the risk of pregnancy if this occured when you were fertile. It seems as if staying a virgin is important to you, so definitely stick to the heavy petting. Good luck!!


Maggie - May 23

Please cut this girl a break. Obviously I don't see how she could become pregnant, but guess it is remotely possible. Lakespure how old are you? Here is some advice if you are a teenager....don't play around with his p___s ANYWHERE near your v____a. You are too young!!!!! If you are an adult who has happened to remain a virgin than GOOD FOR YOU! I know it can be really hard to stick to your convictions. Either way if you are young or old you need to educate yourself starting now, and I don't mean on this forum. This is really an opinion forum and you need to get some facts. This link will point you in the direction of some s_x educaion sites. Educate yourself, and good luck!


hi again - May 23

to jjj, !!! and auds - please refrain from the obnoxious statements - at least give the question the benefit of a doubt. As stated before on this site people coming here have very different backgrounds and this site is available to people all over the world, so please try to be ladies!


jjjj - May 23

well lakespure your not anymore a virgin


!!!!! - May 24

i agree with jjjj


Cat - May 24

Maybe you should not worry so much about the definition of being a virgin or not. There are a lot of emotional issues tied up in that word. Just decide what you want to have happen now. It's very easy to let your self go further and further each time, and it's very easy to deceive yourself about how far you're actually going. So, try to be honest with yourself about what you really want. And, use a condom, not matter how far you plan to go. You will be able to rest a__sured that you are not pregnant and have not contracted an std.



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