Am I The Crazy One

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pakcan - May 7

i was some of the lets call them articles under best age to get preg anyways there so many young girls who are married at 16 who actually got married at 14 or 15 omg i have a daughter that age i can't imigine what she would know about being a wife nevermind a mother even though is very smart and pratical so am i crazy or what for thinking this


Amber #2 - May 7

There are a LOT of girls in there that got married that young and want to have children! I myself don't understand why a baby would want to have a baby or why that child's parents would have consented for them to get married in the first place!


pakcan - May 7



cherryripe - May 8

Im gonna also put my 2 cents into this convo.... I dont think you should be married by law until your legal for everything else in life! (drinking etc....) Over here in Australia you cant marry until 18 unless you have parents conscent! I think its good this way! Less divorce rate that way too I think!?


kellie - May 8

In the US you can't get married under 18 without parental conscent either (at least it is that way in CA). I don't know why any parent would even consider signing to allow their child to get married younger than that. I can't go into the "Best Age to Get Pregnant" forum because I get so angry at all of the stories I read in there.


Lin - May 8

Actually kellie, I think it depends on the state. I personally don't think anyone should get married under the age of 25. Of all the people who I've known who got married younger than that, only one couple is not divorced.


kristie h - May 8

Hi girls, I was married at 19 and no to me age dont count. Yes there are people that are too young but what is their maturity like. Like a 25 year old may act like a 15 year old and a 14 year old may act like a 20 year old. We all learn by our mistakes and who knows if the parents are even around to guide them. In some countries 14 year olds are forced to marry young as we all know. This is my thought who knows they could have made the right choice and are very lucky if that is there one and only true love and didnt have date after date for mr or mrs right.


kristie h - May 8

Also personaly if it was my daughter and she told me she wanted to marry i wouldnt incourege it nor will i be against them being together. I have lernt from my marriage that if the inlaws put the pressure on that will just drive them away and they will do what they want anyway. Yes 14 is too young but i have not known any 14 year old being married but i have herd of it but its not my place to judge i dont know the situation.


pakcan - May 8

kristie h that is true in some countries there are forced to marry young but that is because of economic Circ_mstances sometimes due to lack of education but the usa i know sometimes it can be hard there but come on not that hard that 14 year old should be married


curly - May 8

there is nothing wrong with getting married young. my mother got married at 15 and had her first child at 16. yes it was back in the day in italy, but my brothers and mother have the greatest realtionship b/c they are so close to age.


Lin - May 8

I agree with pakcan, in countries where women marry as children, they also have huge infant mortality rates and need to have more kids in order for one or two to survive to adulthood - not to mention the fact that in many places the marriage has nothing to do with the wishes of the child. Again, there's only one couple I've ever known who got married under 25 and are still together. The biggest growing years in life are between around 17 and 24, so it's really easy for a couple to grow apart during those years. In fact, the one couple I know that did stay together split up for a year during that time, and that's probably what saved their relationship.


kleighw - May 8

My dh and I got married at the age of 21 which is kinda young but I don't consider too young by any means, he had already finished school and I am almost done and we have waited 2 years to even think about trying for a baby because we wanted a little selfish time to our selves :) It's not always peachy but I dont' think any commited relationship is 100% of the time, but we both love being married and can't wait to extend our family


elisabeth - May 8

Lin, my parents got married when my mother was 14 and my dad was 18. They have been married for 30 years and still going strong. i am 23 and my husband is 30. we have been married for three years and still going strong. most people this day and age shouldn't get married, at least, til they are 18 or older but 25 omg get a life. by the time i was seventeen i was going to school full time, working full time, and living on my own. paying my own bills and finishing high school, then i went on to college and again i did it all by myself not because i had to because my parents were always there had i needed them but i wanted to do it alone. i had done things by the time i was 20 that some adults can't do when they are 25 or 30 or whatever. age has no bearing on anything generally speaking. maturity levels are what people should go by.



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