AM I THE FATHER Please Help Me

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Edwin C. - September 30

Good day everyone., I and my Girlfriend stayed together for two weeks on Dec. 1-16, 2002 and have s_x 4 times with pull out method, But, on Dec. 17-31, 2000, she went home to there place for the xmas and new year and met her ex -boyfriend...I dont know what happen with her and her ex-bf .. On January , she told me she was pregnant... On AUGUST 16, 2004, she gave birth. I was really confuse,,if, indeed, i was the father,,,can u help me please.. Can we know the date of conception , basing on the due date of birth.? thank a lot,,,God bless, EDWIN


nimue926 - October 13

If she had a full term (40 week - since her last period pregnancy) she probably got pregnant around Nov. 23. You could make a more educated guess if you knew when her last period was or when her expected due date was. Did she have a period while you were together for two weeks? If she had it just before or up two two weeks before you were together, the baby is probably yours. Can't you just get a blood test?


m - October 13

was the baby a little early? Was August 16 her due date? Find out her actual due date (not that they are always accurate), count backward 38 weeks.This will take you to the APPROXIMATE date of conception. August 16 takes us back to November 24. However, if the baby was 1-3 weeks early, the conception date was between Dec 1 and 15. She would have had to have had the baby 4 or 5 weeks early for it to have been conceived the last part of December. So unless there's a chance she was with someone else in November, my guess is that it is your baby. If all else fails, do a paternity test.


kristina - October 13

you are most likely to be the dad the way to know is to look at the child if you see resemblse in the child to you its your kid i hope it is


jen - October 19

if you really want to know if your the dad to a partenaty test.


ray - October 19

dream on. i am the father. me and my 40 year old saggy sac.


jen - October 20

hey, you were the one wondering. I don,t care care either way.



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