Am I The Only One

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woo - June 30

I've been married for 2 yrs and actively trying to become pregnant for almost 9 months now with no luck. I've tried bbt, checking cm and position, and the ov microscope. nothing seems to work. even though we only tried for the past 9 mos. we never used any type of bc during our marriage. i don't know what else to do and it seems like evryone around me have there "special comments" like " just don't think about it and it will happen" and "give it time" which really helps: NOT! How Can You Not Think About It? I don't know what else to do. charting, checking and even s_x is starting to become a chore rather than fun.. and to make matters worse there are at least 7 other women at my job who are pregnant and happy, while i am depressed. when invited to baby showers, i refuse to go because I feel sad when others talk about their joy, am i the only one?


Nena - June 30

What would you think about me being actively in TTC for 5 years??? And I still go to baby showers and I am surrounded with pregnant colleagues and even in my family everyone is pregnant and all of them yonger than me. You shouldn't feel depressed honey, keep your hopes up. Up to 1 year it is normal not to get preggo, but if you are loosing your patiente do some gyno checks and see what they say and take your hubby with you to check his sperm. Good Luck and Baby Dust ************************


dale - June 30

keep your spirits up. don't let it get you down because stress plays a big role in how the body reacts. so when people say don't worry about it that is actually good advice, as hard as it may be try focusing on other activities that will take your mind off of it, things that work for me getting involved with video games role playing games keep me occupied for hours and it is fun to me(still a kid at heart) you may want to try a good book. go out more often with your mate or pick up a neww hobby , i also just learned how to crochet. anything to get your mind off of being pregnant. I know these things work for me i've been trying for 2 years and felt the same as you did. trustme these suggestions kept me and my hubby from despair



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