Am I Thinking Too Much

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alessa - May 30

I have never been pregnant before. I know each woman has their own symptoms, but I am not sure if this is something I should really be concerned about. I had s_x back in the middle of April, got my period at the very end of April and from what I can remember it was normal, and had s_x during the beginning of my period. All of it was unprotected. Not smart I know. Halfway through my cycle I had 3 days of spotting which has never happened before. For the last 4-5 months I have been consistently on a 27 day cycle, it is now day 31. I have mild cramps for the past two days (which I normally do not have before my period), I have been sleeping way more than usual and I have been eating every 2-3 hours. I also have been battling strep for the past month - apparently the antibiotics the first go round didnt work - so I am on them again. Could they be causing this strange cycle? Or should I be concerned? I took a HPT about 5 days ago and it was negative. I am not stressing about - just wondering what is going on. I appreciate any advice. Thanks.


M - May 30

some woman bleed some. even have a somewhat "normal" period the first month. on top of that not everybody ovulates at the same time in their cycle. I'd wait a little longer and take another test if i were you though if you develope more symptoms i would still visit the doctor even if you get another negative result. stress and being sick may be the cause of the delay as well. PS. start a multivitamin with plenty of folic acid, just in case.


alessa - May 31

thanks M. i am gonna give it a week and try not to think about it. we'll see what happens.


alessa - June 8

well i suppose the wait is over. after being 12 days late - my af came. out of nowhere. usually i have heavy b___sts and thats about it. not this time. i have never been the emotional female type - crying, irritable - but i was. i also had mild dull cramps for two weeks - normally i cramp during my af. i took two hpt and they came back negative - i guess i never was (even though i was experiencing symptoms i never had before). i do find it strange it came so late when i wasnt stressing about it. it's kinda sad...even though very unexpected ....i love kids and was warming up to the idea.... to all the women out there - i wish you all the very best. piece of advice - try and not too think about it too much - life has a way of working itself out and things happen for a reason.



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