Am I Too Young

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Worried - April 14

Thanks everyone for you support! It really makes me feel better, and also feel like it doesn't really matter what anyone else says! It's OUR decision!!!


emily - April 14

Hi. People still say that I¨M too young to want to have a baby and I´m 26. My bf is only 23 though. But we´ve been together 4 years and living together 3 so it´s our choice. And so it´s your choice too. And you sound perfectly prepared to me!!! baby dust!


kim - April 14

I had my son the same month I turned 21. You will do fine, I am 27 now and have two boys we made it just fine.


eee - April 14

worried~I know exactly what you are saying, people say the same things to us! If I say anything about how I can't wait to have a baby they are like "oh no it is not as easy as you think just wait til you are up at all hours of the night and sleep deprived and you just have no idea..." Just because I don't have a child myself doesn't mean I know nothing about them, for goodness sakes I have a niece and a bunch of nephews, the youngest of which I have kept overnight many times since he was all of 3 weeks old, all 4 lbs of him! And I would regularly keep my niece who is 4 years older than him, overnight at the same time. I know it is different when they are your own kids and you never have to give them back, but I never said being a parent is easy, and it's not a bad thing that I can't wait for the sleepless nights and spitting up and diaper changing, as well as all the good things! And what gets me is that people that are pregnant are instantly full of knowledge at what it's like to be a parent for some reason, and think I just know absolutely nothing, even though I have been around babies all my life and they never have. It's really frustrating. And I am thinking the same thing, that I am going to wait like 3 years or so just to shut everyone up, because even though it's not supposed to bother me what other people think, I just can't help it, it DOES! I guess we will just see what happens, but I totally understand what you are going through, and it is so nice to hear that someone else is having the same problem as me, it seriously seemed like I was the only one until you posted this!! And I feel the same way, I can't wait til I finally have a baby so I can show them that they were all wrong and we are perfectly fine and capable! Congrats on the new job. If you want to email me sometime, even just to vent, my email is [email protected]


Stephanie (worried) - April 14

eee- Here is my email also so when you need to vent or just want to talk about it you can email me [email protected] I have a friend who is the same age and her and her husband are ttc, I asked her if she felt this same way and she said not really. I don't understand how? I mean it's like my main concern, which it definitely shouldn't be! Hopefully it will get better for us both and we won't wait a couple years!


me - April 14

I don't think that you are too young. I think that I am too young I'm still in college with 2 years left.


Kathy - April 14

To Worried- I was 19 when I got preg with my son and 20 when I had him.. I got funny looks and people saying wow your young. Just ignore them if you get any comments. You sound ready and it sounds like you and your hubby are in a great place in your lives.. Ignore everyone eles and remind them how young you will be when your kids are out of the house (lol) I don't regret having my son at a young age at all.. Good Luck


BUMP - April 15



Nicola - April 18

hi hun! I had my first child almost 8 years ago when i was just 14! now that was young. however I soon learnt that life is what you make it. I'm 22 now, have just graduated from university and I am trying for my second child with my husband who is the father of my first child! enjoy being a mum it will bring you more happiness than you could ever imagine. As long as your happy who cares what other people think. x x x


OMG - April 18

I guess I don't understand what the hurry is??? Can't children enjoy being children and can't you get married and enjoy your husband first? Maybe that's why their are sooo many divorces and husbands cheating eh? I guess we marry and have babies older where live.



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