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Ridersgal - January 24

My doctor has always told me I have a problem with my ovaries and my have trouble getting pregnant when the time comes. I have been on the pill fairly steadily for the past 15 years. But several months ago, money was tight and I was not seeing anyone, hence not sleeping with anyone, and so I stopped taking the pill. Then on the 10th of January I did something stupid. I kick myself because I have always been so staunch on this. My boyfriend came over to comfort me after my Mom became pretty ill and went in to the hospital. One thing lead to another and we ended up making love. Not a bad thing in itself. However, we had no protection that night. I got my period the next day and didnt think much of it, until I was told that getting my period the next morning is not necessarily a sign that I am not pregnant because of the very close timing. I am not to date showing any signs of pregnancy other than bloating and the feeling of being very solid so to speak around the middle, and being ill in the morning. The nausua (sp.) is mild. It usually starts in the early morning before I get up and then goes away within an hour or so. These symptoms started about 3 days ago. I know it is really too early to get any kind of solid results. Either way, I wouldnt mind. I really was not ready to have a child at this point, however my boyfreind and I were already discussing marriage and I love kids. He would be elated. I would just like to know and patience in this department is hard to come by. Any advice or patience to spare? :-)


Claire - January 24

If your not seeing anyone, or sleeping with anyone, who is the boyfriend then?? You have me confused! But have you missed a period, that's your best bet, to play the waiting game!


ridersgal - January 24

I wasnt seeing anyone up until around Christmas. Then a very old friend became more than a friend, Sorry. LOL Not thinking straight.



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