Amazing Disapearing Positive Line

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m - November 13

I am about 4 days away from my period. I took an equate HPT and right away I noticed a VERY VERY light line showing positive. I even carried it around for a few minutes looking at it. After about 10-15 minutes it disappered and was negative. I took another HPT which has a sensitivity of around 50 (equate is <25) about an hour after the first test and it was negative. Am I seeing things or could this be an evaporation line? It was so very light I almost had to hold it up in the light, but I noticed it right away. What do you think?


Deb - November 14

If the line disappears then it is negative. That doesn't necessarily mean that you are not pregnant, though. Four days before your period is probably too early for the hormone to show up in your urine. I would wait two days and then use a clearblue digital. It says "pregnant" or "not pregnant" so you don't have to wonder about faint lines. The answer is in black and white!


b - November 14



to m - November 14

had the same thing happen to me, I'm now pregnant. The lines got darker the next couple days and now it is really dark. Good luck to ya!


m - November 14

So you had a faint positive disapear after ten minutes and were still pregnant? I just thought it was an evaporation line, although I thought evaporation lines appeared after 10 minutes not right away and then disappear. I took a first response early HPT in the afternoon, it was negative today, I have heard REALLY bad things about them. I dont know what to think. I should get my AF tommorrow or the next day so far no spotting or anything. Maybe I was just seeing things.


me - November 14

It is always better to wait until your are definietly late for AF before taking a test. I wold then test once a week if AF comes. If it doesn't by the second month, go to a dr and get a blood test. good luck.


m - November 14

I will just wait and see what happens


m - November 15

Well I am supposed to start my period today, and really nothing except a VERY small amount of VERY light brown/pink stuff present only when I do a cervical check. I dont know if this is my AF or not, should I take another test or just wait?


Deb - November 15

Take a test!!! Go digital, no guessing!


m - November 15

I took one equate again and had the strange line again for ten minutes and then a took a digital right away(15 minutes later with diluted urine) and it was negative. I guess I am just late.


hmm - November 15

do you have another digital left? If so, wait until first morning urine. I hope you have positive results! good luck!


m - November 15

I will probley take it in the morning. Maybe I just miscalculated my AF date. Maybe I will start on the 16th instead. But even then I usally spot the day before (I have been a perfect 30 day cycle). I did have some very light brown/pink discharge earlier with a cervical check 1:30. But since then I have checked three times and nothing at all. I dont know. My period last month was 8 days early, so I am alittle thrown off. I have been VERY tired. I have been in bed by 8:30 every night. Also my favorite candle tonight almost made me barf. I feel crazy. This must be in my head.


m - November 16

I took the test this morning and it was negative. But I just read that the test sensitivity is >50MiU while the equate is <25 MIU. Also the one I took today was a digital, and when I ejected the strip it one very faint line and one strong line. So I went to and it showed pictures of negatives (same test) of people who were actually preg. and they all had very faint lines. I dont know today is my second day of being late. We had been TTC for the last couple of months, but this month we were not trying at all. The only symptoms I have are REALLY tired and hungry. I really dont even have any cramps. I would have expected cramps and spotting at least if I was going to start my AF. What do you think?


b - November 16



Info - November 16

A positive pregnancy test will stay positive for over 48 hours. A positive line would not disappear. Try again when your period is due. Hope all works for you!!!


m - November 16

I am already going on two days late for my AF.


Deb - November 16

Keep testing every two days. Some women just take longer to build up enough hormone to be detected on a hpt. Don't give up yet!



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