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BrendaW - February 6

Hey Ladies, how is everyone doing today?? Me I am okay, waiting for my temps to go up to show that i O'd. I had the ferning pattern end of last week and on the weekend but my temps never went up, so not sure what is going on with that. Glad you enjoyed your birthday Venus! Mine is march 21 DB is march is the 24th~


jessieb - February 7

hey, ladies. what do y'all know about laptop use and male fertility? the heat from the laptops is a BAD contribution to sperm production!! der!!! i just stumbled upon it online and can't believe i didn't think of it. my hubby is on his laptop at least 4 hours a day.... at LEAST. we are laptop fiends. i immediately told him about my findings. he is sitting askew computer not on lap. i am going to make sure he cuts out the usage for a while. everything helps right?? : )


VenusdiMilo - February 8

Hey ladies!! What's happening? Well, not much here just waiting for my BFP hehehe!! Ok, on a serious note, Brenda, I hope your temp does go up within the next few days…….Jessieb, I never heard about the laptop thing but I know that too much heat in that area for men is NOT good at all. So, just make sure he stops putting that devise on his stuff. Has he ever gone for a SA to make sure the little guys are ok?


krissy2006 - February 8

Jessie yes the laptop could be attributing to a low sperm count. So can tightie whities or bikini style underwear. Anything that keeps the testes warm!!!!! MY DH with his head bowed and his shoulders slumped told me to go buy him a pair of boxers even though he can't stand the thought but I saw how much it pained him and so I just told him to sleep without underwear. That way his boys are free and "cool" for at least 8-10 hours increasing sperm production. The lap top thing is a major factor. Have your DH sit at the kitchen table or put a pillow under the laptop. OR you could buy one of those TV trays!! Those are gr8 for laptops. Just my experience and a suggestions. GL!!!


VenusdiMilo - February 8

Oh, and the other thing that's bad is "Hot Tubs".....bottom line too much heat for the little guys are NOT good.


jessieb - February 8

hi!! no, he has never got them checked out.... i got pregnant twice so we really had no reason to. but now that it has been 10 months and nothing........ once our life and business gets moving we can think about seeing docs, etc. but we just don't have the time or money now. GET THIS!!! we used to have a hot tub! we didn't sit in it much last year though. obviously we left it at the house when we sold it. but i am really thinking about this laptop thing and hubby has got to NOT warm the boys anymore!!! he has it on the side of him now. i told him about the pillow thing too. he said that i might have to remind him for a while but he will do it. right when i read the article last night we felt the crotchal region of hubby and it was DEF too warm. LOL!!!! another thing, we have REALLY been trying since late summer and that was when hubby was laid off from job. which is also when he started using his laptop a wicked lot more. : ) anyway... blah blah blah! how are y'all? brenda ? got a rise? venus what DPO are you now? i gabbed with amber today on myspace about anna nicole. how sad. and bizarre.


VenusdiMilo - February 8

Well Jess, FF got me at 4DPO but I think it's 6DPO check out my chart and let me know what you think (home/venus)


LIN - February 9

Wow, it's a regular reunion on this thread!


BrendaW - February 9

Hey Everyone!! Hope everyone is well :). Good catch on that laptop thing Jess. You never know what that was doing to his little guys. Venus, it is hard to tell on your chart you could have O'd on cd13 from what it looks like. That would have just put a temp drop at 3 dpo..... Nice temp spike today though! My temps are finally going up and i think i O'd on cd14. I just had early signs of O?/?/?// Hey Lin, how are things going? I see that you finished your shots. Any side effects from them? Looks like you have had a lot of fertile cm, cant wait to see where your temp goes tomorrow, looks like it may be on the way up! Amber where are you ?? How are things with your peanut? Those pics are sooo cute I love them!


jessieb - February 9

venus, i see what you are saying about the 4 or 6 DPO... they a__sign the DPO after at least a three day rise in temps. so, i would have to say that i would go with 4 dpo. FF has been right about all mine. i didn't think at the time, but then once the month played out, they had it right. i have not taken my temp in like 4 days. i keep forgetting. i think i am stopping again.... all my cycles on mycycle and FF. i am a 28 day cycler. I O on CD 14 pretty regularly. i think i will just stick to that. i might temp around O time to verify it happened. venus, i agree with brenda, great spike today!


jessieb - February 9

home/125c88 btw, thanks brenda, i found it. : )


Amber #2 - February 9

Hey ladies!!! I had no idea that everyone was continuing to talk on this thread!! It's all the old girls back, YAY!! So Venush, you have about another week before you can start testing, right?? And what CD are you on Brenda?? And thanks Brenda for the ultrasound comment! Yes, I have told EVERYONE now! I can't keep my mouth shut about it, lol. And Jessie, I never really thought about that whole laptop thing. My hubby has one but he always uses it on a table b/c he doesn't use it that often since we also have the desktop. He only uses it if he has to do some work from home. And we also had a hot tub that he got in EVERY day back in Houston when we were TTC. HMMMM....maybe that's why we had some problems with the spermies back then! And what CD are you on Jessie?? I always wanted to do the whole FF thing but I would really get confused when I would look at other people's charts and when they were talking about things like "coverline", etc... I never knew what all of that meant, so I never made one. I periodically go look at people's and the only thing I can understand is the temperature on them. Anyways, I hope that you all get your BFP's soon!! I'm sending lots and lots and lots of baby dust your way! And some sticky baby dust too!!!


jessieb - February 9

really amber! you got pregnant after no more hot tubbing? huh, gosh i have to wonder if it has something to do with it!! i am so fascinated about this laptop discovery and i hope it is a small change we need. i am CD 5 right now. we are waiting for our loan package to be completed. we should know more about our business future next week.


BrendaW - February 9

That's so awesome Jess! I am so excited for you and danielle!! Business venture together that is really really cool and gutsy :)!! That is interesteing about the hot tub Amber. There has got to be something to that! When do you plan on testing venus. I already know i am going to test on the 16th! though i will be out of town and no where near a computer lol!!


BrendaW - February 9

If you keep temping Jess I would love to stalk your chart!! but i understand it can be a little obsessive to be on!! lol


VenusdiMilo - February 9

Hello Ladies!! This really is a reunion after all :-)........Brenda, it’s not possible I Oed on CD13 because my OPK was very much negative until when I got the positive ones. I was actually starting to worry when I didn’t see a positive until CD15. Right now it really doesn’t matter what FF says…all I really care about is getting that BFP when I test this month hehehehe! Oh, btw, I love that your temp’s going up……..Anyhow, I think I may start testing on V-day……..Amber, I’m really happy you and the little bean are doing great….I can’t wait to be in your shoes :-)



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