Amber 2 How S It Going Girl

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Erin1979 - January 18

Hey. Just wanted to see how everything is going?!?! Hope all is well.


Amber #2 - January 20

Hey Erin!! Thanks for checking in with me! Everything is going great! In fact, I just went to the doctor yesterday and had my 5th ultrasound and the baby looked great! The heartbeat has gone up into the 170's and the little bean has grown so much in the last 2 weeks! I had a little bit of brown blood last Friday night when I wiped so I went to the ER. Well, basically they gave me no comfort and told me there was nothing they could do even if I was miscarrying and that I needed to see my doc. I was pretty upset! So then I planned on going in at the beginning of the week but we had a big ice storm here in Texas (pretty unbelievable since we hardly ever get weather like this) so I couldn't go to the doctor until yesterday. I was sooo relieved to see that everything was just fine! In fact, I haven't had any more blood since that one time when I wiped and the ER said it was old blood and probably nothing to worry about. I'm a little over 9 weeks now and am feeling pretty rotten! I've been getting sick pretty often and I am always hungry. It's a really weird mix b/c I'm never satisfied as far as hunger goes (my stomach is ALWAYS growling) but I'm so nauseated that nothing sounds good to eat. The more hungry I get, the more nauseated I get. Then I eat something, and I want to throw up! But I guess I shouldn't complain...I'm just happy to be finally be preggo! How about you?? Anything new going on? And what about your little one? How is she doing?


Erin1979 - January 21

Glad to hear everything is well. When I was pregnant I had blood and thought I was micarrying as well. It turned out to be BV(bacterial vaginosis). They gave me meds, and I was fine after that. I also noticed if we'd have s_x I would have a bit of blood....irritating the cervix which is soft. Just a couple of thoughts. Everything is good here. Cate is growing like a weed. She is almost 17 months. Walking (ahem, running), she really a bad climber, and DH are really wanting another one now!! My friend just had identical twin girls on Wed., and I find new babies always bring out the "tick-tock" in my biological clock!! haha How is your little one doing? In school now? It's good to hear how well you are doing. I'm still sending lots of Girly thoughts your way!! Make sure you keep me posted on how things are going!!! Erin


Amber #2 - January 21

Well, funny you should mention the BV because I have that as well. I'm taking meds for it and hopefully it will be all cleared up within the next few days! They said that was a possibility as to why I could have been bleeding as well! I'm so glad to here that Cate is doing so well!! Sounds like she's growing like a weed! And I know what you mean about babies bringing out the tick tock, lol....I'm the same way! Anyways, I hope that you have had a great weekend and I will talk to you soon! Sending you lots and lots of baby dust!!


Amber #2 - January 21

Oh and I forgot to answer your question regarding my little boy! Yes, he is in Kindergarten this year and doing very well! My stepson (who is 10) is also living with us now as we gained custody of him in October so there is never a dull moment, lol!



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