And The 2ww Begins Anyone Wanna Wait W Me

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preggoplease - January 13

where is everyone at today? =[


carla123 - January 13

hi everyone i have come over here thanks for inviting me. how long have you all been trying? i had a missed miscarriage 3 months ago and started trying last month but no luck but the problem was i didn't ovulate when i thought i did it was later. so hopefully this month. my cycles are between 30-35 days. good luck xx


preggoplease - January 13

Hey carla....go over to "just waiting...." I know this t_tle sounds


jazminesmom - January 13

hey all of you. how is the waiting, i just don't like this part. i am i think 2dpo so i have a little while to go i may be 3dpo but still i have to wait. how are you all doing?


preggoplease - January 13

hey jazminesmom! I am 2dpo as well, and its driving me nuts. For some reason I feel VERY excited about this month...I think it's because I used pre-seed for the first time this month. And I have seen so many success stories. So this excitement is just making the 2ww DRAAAAAAG!


sonu - January 13

i am on CD20, +ve on OPK on CD12,13 and 14, so i may have o'ed on cd15 or 16 i think.


Megs - January 13

I wish I could join the 2ww... I'm still WAY too early in my cycle to O! haha. I'm only like CD 12 or something. Last cycle it was CD33 or something crazy! LOL Ah, oh well... Good luck Preggoplease!!! I hope this is your cycle!


terrieby123 - January 13

hi im waiting to im 7 dpo its killing me i want know


maratel - January 14

I'm on cd16...


resaboo - January 14

I am on CD20 and O'ed on the 16th or 17th chart says 16th but I believe it was the 17th.


preggoplease - January 16

Hey ladies sorry I haven't been on. I am on CD18 and am 5DPO. I can't believe how slow this is going....I hate the 2ww. It seemed to go so much faster the last few months. Errr! So how is everyone feeling? Have u ladies got any preggy symptoms yet?


BrendaW - January 16

Hi I am 11dpo and going to test tomorrow :) wish me luck, this is so nerve rackinnngggg!!


jazminesmom - January 16

i am also 5 dpo, and i know what you nean about it takeing too long. i have had sore bbs off and on today not that bad but a little and alittle cramping nothing major. well how are you feeling preggo.


preggoplease - January 16

Hey ladies! Brenda good luck testing tomorrow! I hope u get ur bfp. Jaz- My bb's have been sore too, but they are always sore. Other than that I haven't had any thing too noticable, but maybe its still too early. Lets cross our fingers.


jazminesmom - January 18

hey everyone. i am 7 days away from hopefully a mised af. so how is everyone doing, any syptoms? well gook luck to all of you


jazminesmom - January 20

wow where is everyone? well i am starting to get tired that is a good sign or it could be school, and running after a 15month old. well how is everyone doning, no other signs i did cramp alittle a few days ago but nothing now well hope all is well



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