Ang Ladies Not Expecting Af Around The 16th Of Oct Join

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me - October 8

af is around the 16th - the 18th im thinking i ovulated on day 16 which was wednesday i have small cramps loads of gas sore bbs tingly nips and they dont do this until the day of af really. and thats all for now. plz share signs in the 2ww


mellisa - October 8

i am also waiting for no af on the 16th... i have a pretty long cycle, i o'd on cd 22...which was last friday. i am trying really hard not to pay attention to any "signs" this month because i have gotten my hopes up a lot in the past. i had a m/c in april and just started o'in again in august. i do have tender b___sts, but that started happening right before o and last month lasted from o till af showed. today i felt nauseas (sp?) and had a headache, but that also happened right after o last month too. i think my hormones are just all crazy since the m/c. i'd be happy to wait with you. when do you think you will test? the day af is supposed to show or sooner or later? i'm thinking i might try to wait it out till the 19th or cycles tend to not be the same length each month. good luck!!!


Danielle - October 9

hey, my Af is due the 18th, i O'ed on the 3rd havn't really noticed anything yet, but i didn't with my first preg which was a M/c in aug, so were just getting back to trying got preg on first try last time so hoping it happens that fast again


me - October 9

yep af due on the 16 and feeling pretty rough i have sore bbs really bad burning nipples and backache


Ebony - October 9

AF due 14th!! Just a few cramps/tired and possible implantation at 7dpo due to light spotting!!


Danielle - October 9

everyone sounds like they have promising symptoms, hope we all get bfp!!! how long have all of you been trying for?


mellissa - October 9

i have been ttc since dh got home from iraq in feb. we got pregnant in march and lost the babies in april. we've kinda been trying off and on since then...didn't want it to happen to soon, then we moved from texas to colorado so put ttc on hold for that too. now dh is scheduled to go back to iraq in i kinda have the mindset that if i'm meant to get pregnant before he leaves then i will... if not, it's okay because i have my two year old daughter to focus on. good luck everyone!!


Cindy - October 9

My MF(Ms Flo-cause she is not nice enuff to be a relative-MF'r) Anyway it is also due on the 16th. I am on clomid so after taking the las pill on the 21st of Sept. My Dh & I had BD'ed every other day since the 24th of Sept. until the 6th of Oct. I would think we had hit the mark. But I just don't think we did succed this month. I don't seem to have any signs of being PG. I don't even want to have a hpt in reserve because I would break down and use it...I will just wait until the 18th if I don't get mf by then. I was thinking of checking CP but they say you really can not rely on that...But yes I would like to join in on the wait with the rest of you ladies....Good Luck to all of you...


Danielle - October 10

cindy have you used OPK, i used those and bd everyother day the first time we tryed and we got preg right away, i would stay far away from checking cp position, you wouldn't want to disturbe anything in there, but if your dh has good sperm count then i would say the every other day thing should work good luck


Cindy - October 10

Danielle-I have in the past used the OPK but not recently since being on the clomid. I just do what they say about after taking last pill 3-5 later start dancing. I know we should get his count checked but we have not...people say that it shouldn't be me as the problem because I had a child before but that was like almost 11 years ago that I got pg and now with me being 35 I figureing that my old age has something to do with it. I just looking at it as that I am not pg cuz then I won't get disappointed when MF'r shows up. I mean I will be disappointed but not as much. Thank You!


Danielle - October 10

hows everyone doing any body notice anything new, i've been real dizzy since last night but i think it is because i have had a cold and cough for almost 3 weeks now, im going crazy, just got back from doctors and they say alot of people have had it for long time, so i've been quite lazy last 2 weeks!! cindy is this your first month using clomid? good luck everyone


Cindy - October 10

It is my second month on clomid...Last month we were not every other daying it because of shedules. I am only on 50mg I wish doc could had given me a higher dose since I am older and I want to get pg as soon as I can because of age. We have been ttc since march of last year. I hope all you ladies the best of luck....


me - October 10

hey danielle i have been getting these signs bloated tummy aches and pains mostly in the shoulders light cramps tiredness creamy cm just normal amount spotty tightening feeling below belly b___ton heartburn on and off al day the biggest give away is my bbs!!!! been sore since 3dpo they tingle and feel so weird its really strange and they are ma__sive i am already a 36 DD i think i have gone up to an e since 3dpoand the nipples r sore too woke up in a terrible irratable mood didnt want to talk really today i think i may be having implantation cramps aswell i had them earlier to 1 side and its far too late for ovulation



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