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Megs - January 25

Yep! DH comes home AND he's getting to come home EARLY! how early, not sure... LOL He is hoping about 4pm... That would be NICE! He called and said he wanted to spend time with me and do something special, go out somewhere. I was like, um, okay... Dont you wanna stay home since you've been gone?? he was like, nope, I wanna spend time with you doing something fun! I was like, alrighty... What we're gonna do, NO CLUE! LOL I'm just excited to see him!!! So if he's coming home early, I'm not gonna cook dinner that stinking early! BUT I may be testing tomorrow depending on my temp so I may, hopefully, will have good news to give him when he gets home! :-) How exciting would that be??? Hahaha! I think it's just wishful thinkin! AF is going to come, I just know it! I FEEL it... :-)


angela1986 - January 26

So did you test? Whats the news you havent posted today.....


angela1986 - January 28

How is everything going i havent heard anyhting from you in days girl......


Megs - January 28

Hey girl!! Sorry I've been MIA. I tested a couple days ago and then again this AM and all BFN... So I'm expecting AF to arrive any minute now... Just waiting, oh, waiting "patiently". LOL So I am really thinking I'm out this month which is cool, DH and I haven't been able to BD like supposed to......... So how are you doing?? Still very nauseas?? How's the job coming along?? Well, Gonna get off to spend some time with DH before he's gotta go back up there... I'll be on tonight, alrighty??


mrose - January 28

hey Angela, I thought I responded to your email...weird, maybe not...sorry, I meant to. I'm so happy for you! I bet Daniel is excited huh? Where is this new job of yours? Last I talked to you, you were still looking a job, I'm glad you found one! As for me, everything is going alright, I'm starting my THIRD round of clomid tonight. No luck the past two times...had pnamonia the first round, and the last round I don't think Josh and I bd when we were suspose to....this month I'm going to go back to temping and using opks though, so anywho....maybe I can join you soon :-) hello Megs....I think we've talked a couple times on here..I don't wanna feel like I'm intruding on the thread you guys have started for the two of you, so if I am...just let me know.


Megs - January 28

Hey Mrose, no intrusion here... :-) All are welcome even though it says Angela1986... LOL Well, DH just left again........... Off to another five nights without him.......................... :-( Gosh I miss him already! So hopefully the "third time will be a charm" for you two. Good luck! Keep us updated, for sure!


angela1986 - January 29

My job is at some customer service place. Its nice the people are great and the pay is way better than before. Well lets hope the third time is a girl. Make sure you bd ALL the time lol. Megs, i havent really talked to you in the past couple of days. Well my morning sickness kicked in AT WORK!!! Of all places, all the ladies were running and getting me crackers and water but i was like blah, blah i couldnt eat c___p or drink for that matter. Im much better now but im pretty sure this dinner is coming up lmao. This little bean is causing more and more issuees, just like his daddy lol. So how are you sweetie?


Megs - January 29

Hey Angela! Ah, sorry to hear about M/S at work, of all places!! At least you've got great co-workers that are willing to help ya out a little. That's exciting. Well, unfortunately, nothing new for me... I keep feeling like af is going to arrive and I've been SO wet that (TMI) my panties are even wet! It's like a cross between creamy and watery. Creamy water?? LOL So I don't know what the deal is! I'm just waiting for AF to show so I can start with OPK's next cycle. I'm SO sick and tired of this guessing game! My temps are all over the place and depending on what tomorrow's is, FF will move my O date to much later. ARG!!!!! So that's about it. Sorry nothing too exciting. LOL DH back out of town. We had an okay weekend. he was sick. Not a whole lot of action, anywhere! Ah, sitting here typing my b___bies, especially left is starting to ache a little. Maybe AF is just around the corner and will be here when I wake up in the morning... :-) I guess we'll see!! I'm gonna check to see if you're over in the chat in just a few min.......


angela1986 - January 30

creamy cm was a big indicator for me.....possible bfp instead of af coming??? Keep positive!.. My m/s went away for now lol how ironic, i was extremely nauseous today at work but everything stayed down, then again i ate very little to prevent it.


Megs - January 31

Hello there!! Sorry I just now saw this post... :-( I have not been feeling well and have attributed it all to the new herb I'm taking, Red Raspberry Leaf. Tummy cramps like CRAZY. (Like a cross between needing to have a BM and doing WAY too many crunches) I just want to crawl back in bed and sleep but of course, the one day I can't I feel like CRAP! LOL GO figure. And EXHAUSTED but had a horrible nights sleep so..... Anyways, Glad to hear m/s has subsided a little for ya. At least enough to get through the day, right?? So what's your big plans for V-day??? (BTW, I'm now back in the beginning of the TWW according to FF. I'm 4DPO today. UGH! Temp was low though so I'm fearful of tomorrow's and afraid FF is going to take away my CL's) Well, I guess I'm off for now! I will specificially check for this thread when I get back home, alrighty?? :-)


angela1986 - January 31

Aww im sorry to hear you feel like c___p, i hope you feel better soon, and i sure hope for this stuff making you feel like c___p that it does what its supposed to. Umm well my afternoon sickness came back, and so weve come to find out its just my lunch that comes back up, breakfast and dinner is fine but not lunch. Go figure huh. Oh well, well i also found out at work that my insurance doesnt kick in until May, so im trying to get into to see a casework to see if maybe the government will help for now, because i must go you know. We shall see im going to call my drs when i get off here and find out what i should do.


Megs - January 31

Ah, Angela! Insurance officially SUCKS but is SO necessary!! LOL I hope the caseworker was able to provide you with some kinda insight on the situation... That's rough and you do need to get in to see a dr! Good luck with all that! I am feeling MUCH better today. (Didn't take the Red Raspberry leaf this AM, going to try it at night and half the dosage I was taking before) Ah, we're supposed to get a "wintery mix", yeah right! Just miserably cold! Well, I am EXHAUSTED so off to bed... Let me know how things turn out!


angela1986 - February 1

Yeah it does seem to suck alot, i have to make an appt next with with them to find out if they'll give me some insurance of some sorts. I already have a bump! Im wondering if its just one, daniel says he gets a burning feeling in hims stomach when he thinks about twins. And it just so happens that twins and triplets run in the family. Wow what would i do lol, but im pretty sure its just one and i think its going to be a girl, i thought boy for a while but im feeling different now. So glad to hear your feeling better, i cant believe it was that stuff making you so sick, is there anything else you can take thats similar? Well write back when your feeling better sweetie, rest up. Take care!


Megs - February 1

Hello there! :-) (Typed that and So wanted to say it in a seductive voice! LOL) Anyways. I"M READY FOR DH TO BE HOME!!!!!!!!!! Can ya tell?? Hahha. I'm feeling better. I took Red Raspberry Leaf before bed last night to see if that helped any and this after noon about 4:30pm it hit me all at once! BANG! I got cold sweats yet I was burning up. nauseas like crazy, cramps/soreness all over my mid-section, etc. It was HORRIBLE! but just as fast as it came, it left... WEIRD! I called the Herb Shop and they suggested not taking it for a couple days and then taking it again to see if it happened again... SO, that's what i'm gonna do! Don't know what's going on!!! Well, i'm FINALLY starting cla__ses back after school has gotten my financial aide c___p together. Excited! I start Tues. But what also SUCKS is that I got a letter in the mail today asking me to go to Subst_tute Teacher Training on Feb. 6th from 8-noon but I've gotta work until 7:30pm! :-( They don't offer the training very often so that SUCKS!!! UGH! That's my news... LOL Ah, having an "intuition" that it may be more then one, eh??? Natural twins and triplets run in your family or his or both?? WOW! That's pretty cool... Knock out two birds with one stone, right?? LOL That's exciting though!!! How cute to already having a "bump". Are you taking belly pictures??? YEAH!!! Just SO excited for all these preggers on here. :-) Well, I guess write back when you get a chance...


angela1986 - February 2

LMAO your too funny girl. Well im glad your going to stop taking that awful stuff, it doesnt seem to be doing much good for you. And i bet your excited DH is coming home, i know i would be, after being gone all week. Couldnt imagine doing it honestly. Well i just got done eating some taco bell, thats what the little bean(s) wanted today. Daniels cousin works in an obgyn office so were going to see if shell do and ultra sound free to see my baby! Well twin and triplets run on his side of the family, his sister had a m/c last year around this time with twins and his cousin just had triplets so we shall see. He has the weird intution but im like its just one, but with already having a bump at 9 weeks i wonder. LOL but anywho i read on the other thread you wont be around much but try and write everyday at least once to stay filled in. Have a great week sweetie! Take care.



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