Anna B Where Are You

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DeniseZ - July 9

The last post I saw from you was June 12 and you were having blood work done. What happened??? I think if my temp holds high tomorrow, I'm going in for a beta. I'll be 16dpo and no sign of AF. My LP is never any longer than 14 days.. but I'm still getting bfn's. Hoping it's just too early for me to see that second line. Drop me a line!!


jeanette - July 10

Hey Denise, you can find sweet Anna on the Clomid club-part 12 thread....they wont mind if you drop in to chat, they're a great bunch of gals...


Anna B. - July 10

Denise - I'm here! :) My progesterone level last cycle was like 95 but still not pregnant. My doctor reduced my clomid to 50mg. Currently, I am 5dpo with no symptoms. Usually my bbs are sore by now so maybe no signs is a good thing??? Also, yesterday morning I saw a little bit of pink when I checked but it went away by noon. I never spot so it's weird. DH is going to see the urologist today b/c his sperm count was low in the last test. I hope everything is okay with him. It's a waiting game now. How are things going for you???


DeniseZ - July 10

Hi Anna! 95! Just like my 96.1 that ended in a bfn... ah well, atleast we know we O'd. :) This cycle was only an 8.6 (go figure, on the same 100mg) BUT I'm officially 2 days late!! I keep testing, and it's still bfn.. but my temps are still above the coverline, so I guess I'm hopeful. I'm just trying not to jump out of my skin over it. My b___bs hurt like heck when I take my bra off at night, and once in a while there's a wave of nausea... and I really think my sense of smell has kicked up a few notches. Ofcourse i could be imagining all of this, but I remember feeling this way with my son too..... AND I believe I was a week overdue for AF before I tested positive with him - so I hope I'm just a "late bloomer". :) Fingers crossed for you this cycle! Will keep you updated!



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