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Nat - December 6

Hi, I am on the pill but it is a very light mini pill and doesn't work very well at all, the first day of my last period was the 4th of november ending on about the 7th, I have been s_xually active for the remaining weeks since then, I have very enlarge areoli and bumpy with white things, and I feel very very sick in the afternoons sleeping like it is going out of fashion and eating like a horse, HELP!! I feel pregnant (had a miscarriage before) just feel different so any advice would be great I did a test it came negative, but thinking maybe I did it too soon my period was due today but hasn't come, how long should I wait until I do another test? Thanks for your time hope that's enough info


maklan - December 6

My sister in law was on the mini-pill when she conceived. She stopped taking it a month later because she had the stomach flu. Her next few periods were weird, brown staining and short. She finally missed her period and went to the doctor thinking something was wrong with her. She had no symptoms of pregnancy except that her belly grew. When she went to the doctor she found out she was 4 - 1/2 months pregnant and never knew. My point - yes you can definitely be preggo even though you were on the mini-pill. They say to wait every 2 days to retest because the hormone is supposed to double every two days. But if you don't wan't to keep buying tests, I'd wait a week. I've also read online many stories of tests not coming up positive until 2 to 3 weeks after missed period. You could also call your doctor to see what they think. Hope this helps.


jj - December 6

to get a more accurate result with a hpt wait until 2 weeks after your missed period....if u can't wait that long then make an appt. and get a blood test at the dr's. Good luck! I hope you get the answer that u want!!


Nat - December 6

Thanks guys, yep better wait I guess it is killing me!! forgot to mention that ny nipples feel so freaking sore like the are brusied even my clothes hurt them!


Zuly - December 6

You should wait 2 weeks before taking another test.



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