Another BFN Something S Wrong

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DaBonkElsMe - January 24

So I took everyone's advice and did not test yesterday. Today marks 17DPO and my longest LP with no sign of AF who should have been here Monday! I took a test this morning with FMU and it was completely negative! Not even a visible evap line. Nothing. From Fri. to Monday I had 4 positive tests. The were faint but def. positives!! Now what? Mt dr. won't see me for another week and a haf, I called a walk-in clinic though and they'll do a blood test, I might stop in today after work. This sucks!


MammaJL - January 24

hey dabonk.. did u use a diff brand of test or something... maybe it's not as sensitive as the ones you used over the weekend?


Purplehaze - January 24

I'd go and get the blood test done. It will stop all the confusion for you. Hopefully it's just because you are still early. I know that it's worrying but hang in there. Hazel x x


2ndtimeround - January 24

dabonk ((hugs)) I think you should stop at that clinic and get a blood test done. At least then you'll know what you are dealing with. I hope you find some answers ASAP, it's just not fair to be messed around with like this.


hapistuff - January 24

I agree with Hazel and 2ndtime. Have the blood test done at the clinic. Good luck to you!


MammaJL - January 24

I agree with you guys too. I was just saying that "could" be a reason.. Getting a blood test would be better.


DaBonkElsMe - January 24

I used the same brand. I'm not sure how early I still am though at 17DPO and CD 31. Anyway, I will defintely stop in at the clinic today, hopefully they can at least clear things up. Even if i hadn't tested early and gotted those BFPs I would have thought something was up at this point considering my LP is usually 15days - once 16days and I could have miscalcualted - it was my forst chart - but never 17 like this! Well, all I can do is wait now. I will let you know what happens. Thanks for your advice!


frozenfeet - January 24

Dabonk- So sorry for all of this confusion, it def. doesn't make things easy. Wishing you best of luck at the clinic today...thoughts are with yout~~~***


anniebananie - January 24

I am sorry about all this. I really hope everything turns out all right. Definitely go in and get a blood test to figure it out. Good luck!


DaBonkElsMe - January 24

Anyone out there think I have any chance of hanging on to this one? I still feel PG symptoms, and no cramps or PMS at all, but I am loosing hope b/c of the tests and my temp going down. Is it even possible that this could still work out?


frozenfeet - January 24

Dabonk - we all want this bfp for you and I wouldn't say one way or another that you are in or out. It's hard to say what is going on. You've got some very promising symptoms going on that would make anyone believe you are pregnant! At the same time, there are a few things that aren't working in your faor as well (ie: your temperature and the disapearing + tests). Speculation will drive you nuts....the blood test will be your best bet to get a more conclusive answer! Best of luck!


DaBonkElsMe - January 24

OK, you're right, I know I should just stop thinking abou it until I get a blood test. I will go in after work today, the end os the day just seems so far away right now! And I know by then the clinic will be packed! Oh well, what else can I do? I will let everyone know what the doctoe says this afternoon! Thanks again!


kelley - January 24

Dabonk, I am so sorry that this is happening to you, the only thing that I can do to give you hope is to send you to the first tri board, there is a post pretty close to the top about a woman who was still at 7 1/2 weeks getting negative blood tests and trusted her instincts to find out later with an u/s that she was pregnant. I guess that I agree with the rest of the women here... get the blood work. Trust your instincts, a womans intuition is strong. Take charge of you health, if you think that there is something there or something wrong, call your OB and ask to talk to a nurse... tell them the situation and maybe they can shed some light on it or will try to fit you in sooner. Good luck you are in my thoughts.


Megs - January 24

So since I'm just now seeing this and I agree with the blood test, I am just wanting you to know I'm thinking and praying for ya!!! Let us know how it goes. :-)


frozenfeet - January 24

Kelley - i saw that post and now, she just found out...with an ultrasound that she is 88 days pregnant!!!!


Cerendipy - January 24

DaBonk - you totally should get a blood test done, just to help you stop worrying, because all this worry and stress is not good for you or you little bean...I am so sorry this happening...


indenial - January 24

Dabonk, is there anyway that you can run over at lunch? That way, you can get you results sooner and put your mind at ease.



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