Another Reason Not To Wait Too Long To Have Kids

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linds99 - May 4

"Biological Clock Starts Ticking in Late 20s: Study"...I found this article and wanted to share it with the ladies... Take it for what it is worth...I thought it was interesting.... "A woman's biological clock starts ticking in her late 20s, not her mid-30s as previously thought, and male fertility also begins to wane with age. Results do not mean older couples will not be able to conceive, it just might take them longer. It noted a decline in female fertility in the late 20s and decrease in the probability of becoming pregnant per menstrual cycle, not in the probability of eventually achieving a pregnancy," .. Men also suffer from a diminishing ability to procreate, with a significant decline by the late 30s. A study of 782 healthy couples is published in the journal Human Reproduction: it revealed that doctors estimated the chances of conceiving during the peak time, or fertile window, in the woman's monthly cycle for couples in three age groups: 19 to 26 years, 27 to 34 years, and 35 to 39 years. The youngest women had a 50% chance of achieving a pregnancy in any one menstrual cycle. It fell to 40% for the 27- to 34-year-olds. For women in their late 30s, it dropped to less than 30% and if their partner was 5 years older, the chances of conceiving slumped to about 20%."


soimpatient - May 4

Hmmm...interesting. I'm only 25 and we've been having some challenges already...I guess I am the exception rather than the rule ;)


jeanette - May 4

Oh nooooooooo.....good thing I believe in miracles! =)


curly - May 4

me too, jeanette, i beleiev if you want something bad enough god will see that and help out.


Amber #2 - May 4

Very interesting.... I had always heard that the females peak fertile years are ages 18-25, so it pretty much lines up with that! I'm kind of glad it threw in the extra year there though because I'm 26, lol.


oz - May 5

im 26 and we arent ttc just yet but hopefully soon (we have been saying this for 6 months). The age thing has always concerned me and thats why im now starting to get a little impatient and want to start the ball rolling as i would love 2-3 kids with a bit of a gap between each one.


pueppschen - May 5

Also after a while of trying, one BDs only during O days. It becomes more of a work, than pleasure. It is so in our case. so much work and no result yet. lol


Sherylynn - May 5

Oh, I don't know about that study. It's interesting, but I think that people are waiting longer, and nature has a way of adjusting to that...just like life spans are getting longer, people are waiting to have babies. I'm 41, and I would LOVE to get pregnant. It happens! It happens every day. I'm 4 days late for my period, and I'm NEVER late. Pray for me!


oz - May 6

Goodluck Sherrylynn


mandee25 - May 6

I don't mean to brag or anything but my hubby and I got pregnant the first month we actually tried. It was a total shocker because I am 25 and he is 36.



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