Another Strange Incidence Of Undetected Pregnancy

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Elle - May 20

I don't know, however, I started to suspect pregnancy about 3 weeks after unprotected whoopee after doing my usual exercises I felt dizzy and sick. Since then I have done numerous pregnancy tests, the last one was done two weeks ago at hospital after explaining my symptoms they "suspected" pregnancy, of course it came out negative like the others. However, I have swelling in my pelvic area, upon feeling, I can feel my uterus in what some would describe as a "softball". I often have little side twinges and cramps. Though none are severe just annoying at best. I have still been having periods, but much lighter. So, after telling my Dr about cramps and having negative pregnancy tests, I have an ultrasound booked for five weeks from now, the wait is going to try my patience at best. I am aware that I could have an ovarian cyst, though I'm not convinced. My bbs are looking rather full and lively, my appet_te has more than doubled, I have regular "heat flushes", I urinate a lot...but then I drink a lot more now too. And as mentioned earlier, my stomach has popped out...lower front and sides....not to mention the odd pain in my legs and arms especially when trying to get comfortable in bed. I am very confused and can't mentioned the possibility of pregnancy to anyone because of the repeated neg results. If I am, I'd be 9 weeks along. Another strange incidence of undetected pregnancy?


Elle - May 20

...did I mention sleeping all the time and crying at the drop of a hat...?


Krista - May 20

Keep us updated, good luck.


kim - May 20

9 weeks is not that far along, some women on here don't get a BFP until 8 weeks. Maybe you are like them. I will say that to show at 9 weeks where it is actually visable well it is not likely. I have 2 kids and was barely showing at 13 weeks. Didn't show where you could tell I was pregnant until 6 months.


PJ - May 20

I know someone who was obviously showing at 8 weeks, but because everyone's body is different it is hard to tell. I want to wish you good luck and keep us updated.


Elle - May 21

Thanks everyone. I will take another test before my ultrasound is due, I hadn't considered taking another because I just expect them to come out negative now. I'm 5'2 and roughly 100 lbs but there is definitely swelling in my pelvic area where the bikini line is. Above that I have a lot of bloating/fat pushed up. Right now, I feel so sick I can't bring myself to eat, even though no amount food could satisfy me these past few days. And my sore it hurts to walk down the stairs! Cramping galore as usual today. Still, I'm just so unsure. I'll give it another week, take another test and see. After that I'll update on the ultrasound. Thanks again everyone!


erin - May 23

keep us updated!


bump - May 24

bump it up!



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