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Becca D - November 17

Hey Guys, I took this HPT early this morning with FMU - I got a positive (faint but clearly there) right away. It's been there for the past two hours....but I've read reviews on disappearing positives with this test. Has anyone gotten a positive on here, had it stick and then not really be pregnant??? Your input is greatly appreciated. I will take another brand later, but am at work for the rest of the day. I just pray this is correct. We had our last miscarriage at 10 1/2 weeks in January and have been trying this would be such a blessing!!! I was starting to give up!!!


tl - November 17

becca, I would say congratulations! I used this test and got a bfp too. It was light, but next day was darker. Happy 9 months!!! False positives are very very rare.


Sara - November 17

It sounds like you are preggers to me.I also have used this test and it was a correct positive.Good luck and best wishes!!


Becca D - November 17

Seriously, that is awesome, it's still there. I just cannot believe it though!!!


shelly - November 17

congrats becca it sounds like u got ur bfp x


to becca - November 17

Congratulations!!! I just got my bfp too and I had previously miscarried, My doctor wanted a pregesterone level right away in case it was low they could give me progesterone suppositories to prevent miscarriage again. Call your doctor soon and let them know the good news!!!


Becca D - November 17

Hey guys Thanks!! I did actually call them already..of course my doc is out, but the nurse will be returning my call. I'm' already on Progesterone suppositories to help just in case, so I'll continue taking them. Of course I started them later this cycle, b/c I have a short luteal phase and they needed to do a progesterone level to check for ovulation 7 days after I got my positive OPK. They just did that on Monday, and my af is due I've only been on the suppositories since Monday night. I'm hoping that doesn't cause any problems. I've been so crampy - partly b/c that's what the progesterone does and partly I guess b/c AF is due and hopefully it's not b/c of an imending 3rd miscarriage.


halli - November 17

Hi becca, Congratulations!! I just got my bfp this past Sunday and I have been a little crampy but I was like that with my other 2 also. Glad you have your suppositories. It is hard to believe isn't it. This is the first day that I don't feel like I am in good luck to you!


A - November 17

Congratulations!! No doubt in my mind it's a +!!! With both my PG's I had a positve and they stayed! I still have them in a box cant seem to throw them a way.


Becc - November 18

UPDATE - I got a call with my levels taken from yesterday!!! I'm definitely pregnant with a HCG level of 64!!!!!! Pray that they double when they take them again on Monday!!! Thanks for the support and answers you guys help out a lot!!!!


Becca D - November 21

Went to get my levels done again today - I'm am so nervous. I begged them to get them done stat so I could know this afternoon instead of tomorrow and I think they said they will!! Keep your fingers crossed!!! :)



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