Antibiotics BC Ineffective BC

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southern_starr19 - May 31

Ok I know this isnt exactly a pregnancy question but any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I have been on bc pills for the last few months. However, I had a slight bladder infection and was taking amoxicillin (sorry if that is terrible spelling) pills. The bc pill I am on is Ortho Tricyclen Lo. I have heard rumors that antibiotics like amoxicillin make birth control ineffective, but a doctor has never told me that. Can anyone confirm this for me? Is it true? Do I need to be worried that my birth control wasnt effective this month? Please give me any insight to this....thankyou so much!


maren - May 31

antibiotics do lower the effectiveness of the pill. I know when i was on the pill the information pack that you get with each pack will tell you for sure if your brand is effected by antibiotics.


Emma2 - May 31

Yes, there is truth to it . Antibiotics CAN interfere with the effectiveness of your BCP but it doesnt always and its not 100% ineffective either.


animemom - May 31

That is how I got pregnant with my daughter.


oz - June 1

i have taken amoxicillin numerous times while i was on the bcp and was always warned by the dr that it can make the pill less effective. I never listened and never fell pregnant so i agree with Emma2 and although it can make it less effective it doesnt mean it will make it 100% ineffective.


tritty - June 1

you're exactly right. alot of times the pharmacy will put a warning on your bottle or something that says it can interact with bcp's. i just found out i'm pregnant (not sure how far along i am yet) but i'm almost 100% sure i got pregnant in april when i went on antibiotics for a sinus infection and didn't use a back-up method of birth control. i thought it would take me awhile to get pg so i didn't worry about it..... don't freak out about it because it's really not that common but it is possible.


southern_starr19 - June 1

Thanks for all the response! I just was wondering because I was taking the antibiotics for about a week and half and didnt use a back up bc method because i didnt know until one of my friends mentioned it. I'm not worried, just wondered if it was true. Thanks again everyone!



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