Any1 Get A BFP This Weekend

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princess - March 19

anyone get a positive result to celebrate? im still waiting, tick tock tick tock


claire - March 19

I DID! I tested twice this afternoon and got 2 BFP!!! I'm still shocked and think I need to take another test!! It hasn't sunk in yet. It can't be wrong can it?


meish - March 19

you sound gpood! good luck and congrats, anything you did differently?


hi - March 19

congrats claire.. wat were ur signs ?


jena - March 19

okay claire, now you have to share! congratulations! 2 positives cannot be wrong! how long had you been trying?


princess>>claire - March 19

CONGRATS to u!!! how does it feel???


claire - March 20

I still feel like it's not true! We've been trying for 6 months and every month i've thought 'this is the month' - apart from this one! I've got really heavy and sore bbs, had hot flushes in the morning and slight nausea throughout the day. Also, I can't eat too much without feeling full up. Every month I've stuck my legs up against the wall after BD so that my hips are vertical (!!), however, I read somewhere that this isn't good, you should just raise your hips at a slight angle and stick a pillow under them after BD to keep in as much sperm as poss! I did that and bingo! Also, do it a few times before O and a few times after. Good luck everyone. **Baby Dust to you all **


Liz - March 20

Claiure, First of all Congrats!!! Secondly, I LOVE your's one of my choices if I get preg. w/ #2. also I do remember 7 years ago being in disbelief that I was actually preg. You go girl!!!!!


Julia - March 20

Yes ME!!! Today! Congratulations Claire. Woo hooo Good luck all


Mom of One - March 21

Congrats to all who got a BFP this weekend- and Good Luck and baby dust to all who are still trying! i got a BFP this weekend. Hubby and I are excited this is baby no 2.....hope everything works out ok! Baby dust to all*******


Jenifer - March 23

Can you tell me what BFP Stands for?


layla - March 23

good luck claire and mom of one I remember when I first got a BFP (big fat pregnant) I was in total shock and couldn't stop laughing!~ Have a great time during your pregnancies!


La Rae - March 23

Whoo Hoo Claire! Way to go! You were one of the 'originals' who stuck with me during my ttc month of 'Hell' last month. I am SO happy for you! I don't really need to know for myself - but I am sure some women are wondering....when you THOUGHT you were pg during those months that you weren't - what exactly is different between the 'Real' signs and the 'Af is coming again' signs? I hope that question makes sense to you. Once again, congrats! Congrats to Julia, and MomofOne, also! FYI: I thought BFP stood for 'Big Fat Positive'? My bad....


to la rae - March 23

so what does bfp stand for


La Rae - March 23

I'm gonna stick with Big Fat Positive - if you look at it this way, it makes more sense: 'any1 get a Big Fat Positive this weekend? - Versus: 'any1 get a Big Fat Pregnant this weekend? Yep - I'm going with the word 'Positive' on this one....


nesy - March 23

it sounds alot better too!



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