Any1 PG From Pre Cum

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redphoenixx10468 - June 5

I engaged in unprotected s_x with my partner, but he didn't ejaculate, because we stopped, between 3 and 4 AM this morning. Ovulation calendars say today June 5th would be the day of ovulation for me. I would like to know who has become pregnant from pre-ejaculate. I would like some hope. Thanks


soimpatient - June 5

Well, I have not been pregnant but I think that if the ovulation calendars say today is your fertile day, I think that you do have a chance of being pregnant. Are your cycles regular? If not, those calendars can be way off base. Good luck.


redphoenixx10468 - June 5 cycles are regular...every 30 days. Thanks.


LadyD - June 6

It's said that it's best to have s_x about 2 days before Ov day so that sperm is waiting for the egg, but you still have hope. I believe you have 12 hrs (correct me if I'm wrong ladies) after the egg is released to have s_x and possibly become pg. Best of luck! Do you have any signs of Ov (ewcm, watery cm, cramping) or are you just going by the calendar?


redphoenixx10468 - June 6

To LadyD--- Yes, the EWCM, increased libido, and ovarian cramping....alll from Thursday until yesterday Monday night.


j. - June 6

So if you're hoping, why didn't he ejaculate? Why did you guys stop?


redphoenixx10468 - June 6

He was running late to work.


oz - June 7

Its my second month of BCP and this month we used the withdrawl method twice (day 12 and day 14) so it would of been my fertile time. The first month off the BCP i had a standard 28 cycle but this month i am now on day 31 and still no sign of AF. Im going to test possibly tomorrow night if she hasnt showed so i will let you now my experience with prec_m and pregnancy. I am fully awre when you go off BCP your cycle gets screwed up so im not really expecting to be preg but who knows.


LadyD - June 7

I'm no expert, but if all your symptoms stopped Mon. night, I would think that you Ov'd over the weekend , maybe even Monday. I'm still having a hard time figuring out when I Good luck.


oz - June 9

well i have tested twice and both negative. I tested once last night and it was neg so i test again this morning with FMU and it was neg again. Still no period and i dont have any of the systoms i usually get before getting my period. I have decided to wait a few more days before i use my last test (i purchased the First response brand that came with three tests). Im still pretty sure im late due to it only being the second month off bcp but its driving me mad as i wish i would either get the BFP or my period. I have read that the withdrawl method is 79-82% effective in preventing pregnancy so the chances of pregnancy are slim but still there.



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