Any1 Thought They Were Pg Got Af Then Found Out They Were

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Stacey - January 29

I thought I was pregnant in dec but got af on the 29th, now people are saying it's not uncommon for you to get your period and still be expecting! I had all the signs for about 3 weeks and was soooo relieved when af came! (first time i've ever been happy to see her lol) signs have continued but paid them no mind because i thought there was no way i could be pregnant after that. now i've missed my period, was due on the 26th and i'm starting to worry again! i asked friends and they were said getting a bleed isn't a dead certain you're not pregnant. they think i should do a test because i still have all the signs and my stomach is filling out. what do you think? can this really happen and if so what's the chance? i'm nervous to test because my boyfriends just left me so knowing my luck i will be!


Michelle W - January 29

Stacey, I think the best bet would be to take a test. That way you will know exactly where you stand. Good luck.


Jessica - January 30

omg!!!! almost the same thing is happining to me!!! I thought I got pregnant at the begining of Jan.. well af started today, on time, but I have felt preg for the past 3 weeks!!! My period don't seem to be the same as it normally pms symptoms like sharp cramp pains before it started, no b*tching before it started, no bad moods.....nothing!!! Also, not trying to be gross but the color is even different!! Kinda browish-dark red, not the plain red or bright red like all my other periods. So I really don't know what to do?


Grandpa Viv - January 30

About 25% of pregnancies report some kind of bleeding in the first trimester, though it is usually recognizably different from a normal period. Stacey, if you are 8 weeks pregnant (doctor's count) there is little chance of getting a fals negative from a home test, even if you take it in the middle of the day - just hold your pee for several hours to let the hormones build up. Good luck. Sorry about the boy friend.


Stacey - February 1

thanks for your posts! i'm planning on testing on thursday morning when my boyfriend (refuse to call him my ex lol) comes back from working away. your advice was really helpful so thanks once again. jessica, any news yet? mine was darkish brown-red as well! that was back in dec though, still haven't had this months af. what about you? let me know how it's going


Jessica - February 1

Hi Stacey....well today is the third day into my period. The first day was really weird, like I described in my last post. But to add to that...My period started about 4am Sunday morning....well it stopped till later on that night!? Even now, no bad cramps, still don't feel like I'm even on my period!!! The thing that is bugging me the most is, my stomach has gotten even harder in the past few days!! I feel around my stomach & belly b___ton area w/ my fingers & push down a little bit, & it feels like there is almost this solid wall of hardness all around!! It's even hard just a little above my belly b___ton. But it feels normal in my lower stomach before my bikini line?? So either I'm pregnant & still had my period for this month......or......something else is seriously wrong!?!?!?! I see your going to test this Thursday!!! Let me know how it turns out...So your still having pregnancy signs right? So, if you get your period before Thursday, are you still gonna go test? Sorry I typed so much above =) let me know if anything else has changed in the past few days w/ you......cause like I said above....I really feel like something is goin on in my tummy, good or bad I don't know??? ttyl



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