Any1 Want To Be My Waiting Buddy Af Due 2nd July

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rachael - June 28

took predictor this morning and nothing my af is due 4 days but im feeling crampy to 1 side any body else have that cramping to 1 side? like an ongoing cramp but worse wen u move I have pulling like cramps in my lower abodmen,,, also twinges on my right side, they don't hurt just a little uncomfortable.. anybody have the same i am 4 days from af and i ovulated on the 20th


V - June 28

Hi Rachael- I'll wait with you :-) I'm due between the 2nd and the 4th. I ovulated on the 19th. This waiting is killing me! I'm trying not to test for another day or two. Do you have any other symptoms?


Deann - June 29

Yes! Am expecting AF on the 2nd. Was pg almost 3 years ago and at the 5 month mark we found out the baby had a skeletal displasia and wasn't going to make it. hardest thing ever. Flash forward to now and still haven't gotten pg yet. Am 38 so i know it might take some more steps but so far today feel same type of crampy type deal as you. No other symptoms and took a test today cause I couldn't wait. Have kept First Response in business, let me tell you. Had peak Ov. on the 19th. Good to know there is a world of other women out there in similar predicaments. And yes, everyone I know is pg AGAIN-with second or third babies so am trying to remain the kind person I am and not think juvenile thoughts like"why do they get another one?"good luck and love to us all.


V - June 29

Hi Deann- between pg and ov tests, the local dollar store is definitely getting a lot of my dollars! Very sorry about your first pg... I can't imagine the pain that must have caused. I'll send good thoughts your way!


Jody - June 29

I was due to ovulate too on the 20th, I had the change in the mucas, pains etc. My periods are due on the 3rd or the 4th, and i has brownish bleeding yesterday and i have been experiencing slight abdominal paims since saturday. God i need a holiday to get my mind off the waiting.


V - July 1

Rachael, Deann, and Jody? Any updates? I got a BFP last night and this morning with dollar store New Choice tests. I'm still not quite believing it though!


Jordie - July 1

My af was due today but hasn't shown yet. I kind of feel like it will but also have other symptoms... Spotted earlier in the week, white lotiony cm, bad heartburn, nausea and threw up once, tired, and extremely ga__sy. I'm going to test tomorrow but was BFN on 12 dpo.



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