Any Advice TTC After Coming Off Birth Control

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J - January 18

Hi everyone, My husband and I have been ttc since November and I am wondering if anyone can offer any advice. I came off the pill in October and I know a lot of people say it screws up your cycle for a while, but I had a normal bleed in November, December I spotted for 1 day only and now in January I have spotted again. I estimate my af is due around the 21st (but who knows when she will arrive - hopefully she doesn't) I have had red spotting then brown discharge on the 14th(once only and only when I wiped) could this be implantation bleeding. I carried a test out at the beginning of January as instructed by my doctor due to the strange af in December and that came out negative. They only symptoms I would say I am having is mild to medium cramping and some slight nausea. Does anyone think I am pregnant or just the symtoms of coming off birth control?


tara - January 18

I never had implemantation bleeded, but from your slight cramping and nausea I'd say there is a good chance that you are prego!!! A lot of the early pregnancy signs are very similar to the signs you get just before your period...except for the nausia. I have seen many postings on this site were women have gone through 2 or 3 months of negative testing but turned out to be pregnant. A sure way to know is by blood test because the hcg count in a blood test is way more accurate than in home preg. tests. Maybe see if yoiur Dr can send you in for a blood test this week. good luck.


Nikki - January 18

Well I guess were in the same boat, I was on the pill for 10.5 years. I missed my November period but all my other have been normal. I felt pregnant every month I wasted so much money on test, my body went through so many changes.I had all the symptons but I guess it's a reaction of coming off the pill, I hope you get back to normal quickly.


J - January 19

Thanks Tara and Nikki for your thoughts. Nikki I was on the pill a while longer than you, 15 years to be exact, all that time not trying to get pregnant and now I want to I feel it will take ages, especially while my body is still adjusting anyway its still early days yet plenty of time left to try. Anyway good luck Nikki, Tara don't know if your trying but if you are I wish us all the best of luck.



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