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asw - June 5

hi ladies! well now i am still waiting for af...hopefully she isnt going to come. i got what i thought was a faint positive line on a HPT, but when i went in for a blood sample, it came back negative! what is going on? i am so confused...i was due for af on the 2nd, but still no af...i am suppose to go back on tuesday, and follow up with another blood test, but i am so discouraged at this point. i am not sure what to think or do. also i am charting my cervix position, and cervix is still high (so high, that this morning when i checked it, because i felt like i was going to get af sorry if tmi, i could barely reach it) and then my cm right now is pretty watery, but i think that is because, my husband and i are visiting each other, so we have actually been able to bd :) (oh if that sounds weird, he is in the military, and his ship pulled into san diego, and i flew here to visit him for a few days! how exciting is that ladies...anyways, i am babbling, but what do you think i should think...could i really be pregnant, and i just tested too soon, or should i take the blood test for what it is, and suck it up, and deal with it being another true negative again? any advice is appreciated, and thanks in advance...also has anyone else had this happen to them? thanks ladies!


bump - June 5

anyone please advise me on this...the wait for tuesday is killing me, and i am really confused, thank you!


AmyF - June 5

So, you got a faint second line on an HPT and the blood test came back negative? You poor thing- I'd be going nuts too. I am sorry I'm not much help, but I've heard of some tests showing up neg and the woman is really preggers. GOOD LUCK> BABY DUST!!!!!


HezBux - June 5

Can you do another HPT? I got a very faint positive last monday at 3 am, which hubby did not beleive, so I did anothe that afternoon,and it was darker.....then I changed brands and did one the next am, and totally positive.......


ok granpa c__t - June 5

thanks for making fun of my serious are a rude and ignorant person! amy f and hezbux, thank you so much for your responses, i am going to redo the blood test on tuesday, so i hope that tells me for sure one way or the other, i will keep you posted...again thank you for responding.


Steph - June 5

I thoguth Cervix is low and hard when AF is suppose to come??


to steph - June 5

thats what i am hasnt dropped yet to indicate that i am going to be getting do you think that it being high, and soft that it means pregnancy?


steph - June 5

i thought ur cervix close if ur preggie.. so it should be high and hard? but that doens't soudn right... im lost!


to steph - June 6

i am not trying to be rude or anything, but it doesnt seem as though you are reading what i have been writing...i said that in fact my cervix is HIGH and SOFT, and that right before af i thought that it should be low and hard which mine is i am wondering if high and soft could possibly indicate pregnancy. i dont know if you think i am young, and are being sarcastic, or if you are really taking me seriously...if you have anymore positive feedback indicating that you have fully read what i wrote, then i would appreciate it, otherwise, if you are going to make me feel like an idiot, then dont worry about it...anyone else who has sound advice, would be greatly appreciated.


bump - June 6



Grandpa Viv - June 6

Some of the urine tests give a positive at a lower level than some of the qualitative blood tests. A high, soft (and closed) cervix would def be encouraging if it is the time for it to be low and hard. A late period - great! No other signs??? Hmm! Good luck tomorrow!


to grandpa viv - June 6

i dont really have too many signs other than going to the bathroom more, a little bit more tired than usual, and i have had some cramping, and i kept thinking that i was going to get af yesterday, and the day before...other than that really nothing else, so who knows...thank you for your response, and for wishing me luck.


viv - June 6

asw--Did you get the type of blood test where they tell you the exact number of hcg in your body? I would request that, if you didn't before. Sometimes if you get a pos on an hpt and then a neg on a blood test it means you had a chemical pregnancy and the hcg level had already gone down by the time you had the blood drawn. I really hope you are pregnant, you will have to keep us updated what the results from tomorrow are ok! GOOD LUCK!!


to viv - June 7

thank you i hope that i am pregnant too. i still have not gotten af, and am cramping like i am going to, but cervix is still high, and soft, so i am pretty confused. i will for sure keep you posted and let you know what is going on. i just am so confused right now...which i guess is understandable, but the wait is killing me...i just want to know one way or the other ya know? talk to you all soon!


emma - June 7

well, i too was due for af on the 4th but it didn't show are you having any other symtoms? because if you are i would suggest waiting about another week and i know the waiting is hard but we can wait together.When i was pregnant with my son the test didn't show up positive untill i nearly six weeks pregnant and that was after 7 hpt so don't be too disheartened my b___bs are still mega sore and i just don't feel too clever i could also sleep for england at the mo how about you!


Vanessa - June 7

I had this problem and I was told that i had a low hormone level, alot of women have it. I was told just to wait abit longer and do another test. I eventually got a positive test about 4 weeks after I was due on my period. I hope this helps!!


to emma and vanessa - June 7

thank you guys so much for your response...emma i would love to wait with you. i have decided to wait on getting the blood test done, for right now. still no af, and that is always a good sign, i am later than i have been the whole time that we have been ttc, so that is a good sign for me as well...i know that 5 days isnt all that long, but progress for me none the less. i really hope for all those BFP's that we are looking for, and appreciate all of your support! thank you again!



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