Any And All Advice Helps Could I Be Pregnant

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starlight4405 - February 19

Hey all!!!! I need and appreciate any and all advice possible! My last period was 12/31 and was regular. My partner and I are very open to conceiving and were active while I was scheduled to ovulate(Jan 17-22). I took a HPT on 02/07 and got a negative. I have the symptoms(nausea, extreme fatigue, frequent urination, tender br___ts/nipples, constipation, aversions to certain foodsand smells I used to like, mood swings, irritability, higher body temperature/hot flashes, and the gut feeling that I'm pregnant). I took a blood(qualitative) test on 02/13 which was negative. Took another HPT 02/18 that was negative and saw the GYN the same day. GYN didn't bother doing a quanitative and said I'm probably not pregnant. Instead, he prescribed Provera to jump start period....but I just don't feel like I should take it(instructions warn to NOT take if pregnant). Still no sign of period. My cycles usually rang from 33-38 days but I've NEVER missed a period even after having an ovarian cyst the size of a grapefruit and right ovary removed. Could I really be pregnant, but not have enough HCG to show up in tests? Please advise!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!


CgGirl - February 19

Hey Starlight, My last AF was also on 12/31. If you suspect you could be pregnant, I would suggest doing another blood test. I'm not sure of the likelyhood of it being positive, but at least it would settle your mind and thoughts. Then you can decide if you want to start provera. Perhaps the reason you have not had AF is that you have not ovulated (if you only have one ovary, I guess that would make sense?). Even if it never happened to you, unfortunately, there is always a first for everything. Did your Dr say what could be the reason?


Grandpa Viv - February 19

Good exposure and good signs. Are you concerned that this might be another cyst getting started? Maybe you could do another home test about a week before the next period is due, and start the Provera at that time if the test is negative. That way you will be able to tell the doc your next period is missing even though you took the Provera. Good luck!



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