Any Black Girl Noticed Changed In Their Bodies

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Sondra Huxtable - April 19

Hi ,i'm black and although i have 2 kids , i dont remmeber the symptoms ,except that i was throwing upa lot. But then i wasn;t focused on the pregnancy,so i didn't pay attention. Can u notice anything different on ur bodies ? ( veins,stretch marks,etc...) Thx


S.H - April 19

I meant noticed changes in their bodies


Stacy B. - April 19

What type of changes?


S.H - April 19

Like noticeable changes, such as, stretch marks, veins ( not sure it would show tho),white bumps on nipples etc u name it ! LOL


Stacy B. - April 19

I have notice few white bumps on my nipples. I don't know if this helps, but I've notice changes in my body and I'm not sure if it matters that I'm black though.


? - April 19

are black girls bodies different? I thought a woman was a woman.


To ? - April 19

Noooo, it's not that ! Of course a aoman is a woman, but i thought that i may have missed somethings.Everyone talks about veins on their bodies being prominent.It is more obvious on fair skin. So i wanted to have a black girl's opinion/point of view/comment. i think to take it the wrong way ! Thank you stacy. I guess i just don't pay much attention to my body!


S .H - April 19

sigh....i mean, i think u took it the wrong way ! It's ok.


To Sondra: Stacy B. - April 19

No problem...if you notice any other signs just let me know. I haven't notice any veins or anything.


KEEKEE - April 19

Now I'm going to try to help you. I am a "black"woman with a twist of native american in me....he he...........I have medium brown skin. More like caramel, so I am not very fair skin..........This was what I noticed with both of my pregnancies..... My b___sts got larger(cup size) White bumps on my nipples, white small hairs on the b___st, look more darker where the nipples is at...Stretch marks itching..tons of veins that show very clear in my arms, chest, & b___st....Skin is glowing( very clear) some women have breakouts.......tummy got dark with a line....I honestly think our bodies is no different that any other woman's body. Most of us have the same pregnancy symptoms no manner what our race is......I hope this helps.........Good Luck!!!!!!! Sondra H


Stacy B. - April 19

Thanks KeeKee for the info...


Sondra - April 19

Thanks Keekee. Yes stacy i will let u know if i notice other signs! And yes i know our body are the same no matter what race ! ( wink wink ,smile )


KEEKEE - April 19

You're welcome !!!!! Now I have tons of things to do. Back to being mom. My kiddies woke up......Good luck!!!!!!!! Baby Dust



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