Any Body Whos Tested With First Response Early Results

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ADT - November 12

I am curious about these tests. Has any body had false positives with them? My bbs have been bothering me so bad that I gave in and tested and got a faint positive yesterday (9dpo early i know) and today (10 dpo). I think its correct because I took another brand of test that i have used a lot and never get even a faint line with it, and I got a faint line yesterday and this morning as well. What has every one else's results been and were they correct?


Nissa - November 12

ADT....three days ago I took a first response test and got a faint P also. The very next day I took another and it was there again! Then I went and got a digital clear blue easy that say "pregnant" or "not pregnant" and it said PREGNANT!!!! I've always heard that a faint positive IS a just means you have a low level of HCG hormone in your body....its suppose to double everyday, so the faint line that you had will be darker as each day goes by that you take a new test!!! Sounds like you're pg!!!!!CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!


Amy - November 12

Hi when i took on at 12dpo it was BFN then i took another one at 15dpo and the line was so light you could still hardly see it so i got a digital one and it said pregnant i'm now 26wks today ya!!


Deb - November 12

I have used the FRET for many months and I have had issues with false positives. One month, I could see the faint line from an arm's distance away, but I was not pregnant. I would recommend the clearblue digital because the results are in black and white. It either says pregnant or not pregnant and you don't have to stress over faint lines.


ADT - November 12

Deb are you pregnant now? Congrats to the ladies that said they are. The results are sticking with two tests, its just a denial period I think since I am so use to getting bfn, lol. Thanks for your input


Deb - November 12

Yes, I am pregnant. I would still get a clearblue digital if I were you. There's no better feeling than seeing the screen say "Pregnant"!!!! Good luck!


suzieQ - November 12

I have received one false positive from First Response and I am still ticked off. I had tested last month at 8dpo, and got a faint positive. My partner even saw it, so I wasn't just imagining it. We tested again on monday morning (first test was sat morning) to double check and it was negative!!! I got my af a week later. BIG disappointment, I tell you. But, I think if you have gotten more than one positive, then that's a good thing!


Deb - November 13

8dpo is still too early to test, even with the first response. It says it picks up the hormone up to four days before your expected period, but I tested every day and got a positive on the first response the same day I got the positive on the clearblue digital. I wouldn't start testing until at least 10dpo, unless of course you don't mind wasting your money. I got my BFP at 12dpo.


ADT - November 13

Deb. I tested in the afternoon of 9dpo and got a really faint line (and its stayed not disappeared), then I tested 10dpo and got a slightly darker line then the day before but still light, then this morning at 11dpo the line is yet again darker, but still fairly light. I confirmed all tests with the tests and have gotten lines as well! I sure hope this is it! Congrats to all you other mamas to be!



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