Any Difference In Hpt N Blood Tests

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alicia - December 14

Hi, does anyone know if there any way to be pregnant and the hpt's not pick it up? The day of my last period was October 4th. I believe i ovulated and then had very light spotting about 11 days after that, but my hpt's keep coming out negative. Iv picked up a lil chubbiness in my belly area, nothing huge but iv defly jumped up a size. I dont know if my hormones are somehow screwed up causing me to gain weight and miss my periods or if for some reason i am pregnant and its not showing up in my pee tests. I went to the doctor about two weeks ago. she just told me that the pee test was negative (Duh?) and that if i didnt get it by the end of december to take another hpt. So i dont know...just seeing what other people think/know. thanks


T - December 14

Wait and take another test...or have your Dr order a blood test. They can sense the pregnancy hormone in much smaller amounts.


Christine - December 15

Some woman never get a positive hpt and are pregnant...hpt's can only pick up a certain level of hcg in your urine..if you drink a good amount of fluids all the time this could have a negative effective for you because it cleanses out your system..same way they say with a drug test...if you drink lots of water/fluid the day before it actually will cleanse your system so that the drug cannot be picked up in your urine...a blood test I would say is much more can pick up even the lowest amount of hcg in your system...I believe anything under 5 they dont consider pregnant..then...some woman's hcg levels dont rise as quickly as others..not sure why...maybe Grandpa Viv would be better explaining this...anyways so sometimes even bloodtests are not accurate until later on in the pregnancy...for your posts the only thing you mention is that you have put on a little bit of weight..I wouldnt say thats a strong sign..the spotting could of been implimentation...but it also could have been hormones...have you had any other signs of pregnancy like sore b___sts, fatigue, frequent urination, increased appet_te, food cravings, cramping?...the list could go on...I know the waiting game sucks...but most of us have to go through it for some length of time as your doc says...wait a little while...try not to stress over it..I know(lol) and try another hpt..if it is still negative...demand a blood test..two missed periods should be good enough reason for one...good luck



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