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Nopi - March 6

I had a miscarriage on Jan 29th, it was complete and uncomplicated; no pain, no cramps, only bled for like 3 days, my body cleaned itself out. Dr said because of how smooth my m/c was i should expect my cycle to return in 3-5wks. Here i am 5wks and 2days later and still no cycle. I am going nuts.!. I have been really tired lately, but rationally thinking it could be because I am recently unemployed and not being as active...and my appet_te has increased slightly. Also, since yesterday I have been having cramps (but higher than normal period cramps)...and i feel kinda cycle, but i have had CM discharge. Im just confused, and i hate not knowing....does it sound like my cycle is coming? or something else? I tested last week and it was negative, same with this morning..another negative. Any ideas ladies? I would appreciate any! Thanx


Erin1979 - March 8

Everyone is so different, it's hard to say. A girlfriend and I were due 2 weeks apart, and each had a miscarriage 1 week apart. he ended up needing a D &C and waited 8 weeks before her period returned. I had a complete (same as you) and only waited 27 days....I think it just depends on how fast your body goes back to normal. Also, I had blood tests every week to make sure my HCG levels were returning to normal. Maybe go to see your doc. They'll be able to tell you if something else is going on. Best of luck


Nopi - March 8

I know my HCG levels weren't an issue...the day i had my m/c they were only 156 (at 7wks they should have been like 7,000 at least!) and 3 days later at the Dr they were 11! O.o But AF came today...sort of bitter sweet...i know my body is going back to normal....but it also means no preggo! LoL Man, i sure didnt miss AF though...i had forgotten how bad the cramps could be! Eik! And she came on stronger than im used to! *sigh* Here's hoping for my next pregnancy to be healthy!!!


Erin1979 - March 9

sorry to hear about least you know for sure, and now can start the count to TTC again best of luck to you!



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