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genevieve - May 18

h__lo, i am new to this site, i found it while trying to do some research on pregnancy, and thought that i would try to see if any of you could offer me some help. ok here is my question, i am currently trying to conceive, for like the past 5 months, and so far all negative results, i caculate my ovulation, and this month i was due to ovulate around the 14 or 15, so of course my husband and i did what we were suppose to do during that time :). so i supposedly was done ovulating by now, but all of a sudden i have some discharge that came back, and i am not sure why, could it be possible that this month is it, or am i just getting excited to soon, i dont recal this happening before, so i dont know what to think. also, i have been cramping a little too, and i did have some cramping, and sore hips during ovulation period, does anyone know what this means, i would really appreciate any suggestions, thank you all so very much.


Ashley - May 18

i would also like to know about this. i ovulated a little less than 2 weeks having that egg white cervical mucus, AGAIN! anyone have any answers?


kris - May 18

yes !!! the same bit is happening to me !!!! i am getting wetter---but just a tad of mucos came out-i am due for my period on the 22 of may. first i was dry 5 days ao now i am wetter??? any suggestions....


Chriss - May 18

Is it possible that you've ovulated a bit later than expected. If you O'd on the 14-15th, today is the 18th, and so may be too early for IB to set in (it happens as early as 5 days for some women) but if you O'd late than this could explain the discharge. I do hope that this is the month for all of you to get your BFP's, but if not, please remember that it can take up to a year for a women under 35 who has recently gone off of birth control to conceive. Good luck and baby dust to all of you ladies!!!


Paula - May 18

I have to agree with Chriss. If you are using the calendar method you may think you are ovulating at one point when it actually could be later. That is why it is important to look at other symptothermal factors (ie. temps, cm, opk) that will help you pinpoint. I know that I check websites that said I should ovulate on day 18 when I actually ovulated on day 12. So I get the OPK test from Dollar Tree for a $1 and test on day 10 until. I hope that this help.



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