Any Late Ovulaters

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shelly22 - February 16

Hello, i'm once again day 22 with no signs of ovulation yet!! This is month 8 for me and i go back to the doc at the end of the month. I haven't been ovulating till day 23 or so and then starting my period 10 days later :( Anyone else in the same boat??


MelissaP - February 16

I ovulate anywhere from cycle day 17-22. But I seem to have a normal luteal phase length. This last one was 13 days...which seems to be enough time for the egg to implant if it was going to. I o'd on cycle day 18..this was my first month charting. It was awesome to finally know WHEN exactly my period was coming....and sure enough it showed up right on schedule. I think its awesome that once we know when we ovulate..we can pinpoint our expected af date! =)


bbdreams - February 16

Hey girls - I'm on cd 19 and just finally got a positive OPK today. I was starting to think I'd missed it! My cycles vary from 28-33 days so charting is REALLY helping! Baby dust!


kellywall - February 16

Hey Ladies...i have been charting for the last 4 months and have noticed that I o on usually cd18 and my luteal phase ranges from 8-10 days which is not long enough for implantation to take place. We have been ttc for almost a year now. At least I know what the problem is. I have found that charting has really helped me to know more about my cycle. It has been sooo helpful. Good luck ttc!!


shelly22 - February 17

yeah, i'm like 10 days between ovulation and period, which no it's not enough time. I always hope that it's implantation bleeding but it always turns into my period. I think you need it to be atleast 12 days


JND - February 17

Hello ladies. I am on cd20 and this is the first month i've tried the clearblue digital ovulation tests and I just got the smiley face. This month will probably be a 32day cycle for me. I've been using the OV watch since Sept. and it has told me that I've been o'ing at cd14-15 and then we didn't really bd anymore, so I'm hoping that this whole maybe we have just been missing it. Kellywall, I'm sorry I know that this sounds silly but how do you know how long your luteal phase lasts for? And if it's not long enough what needs to be done to fix it?


kellywall - February 18

MelissaP....I have only been seriously charting for the last few months although I've been using FF for the last 7 months. I have just gotten "serious" about temping and trying to learn more about my cycle. bbdreams.... do you find that the OPK work for you...I've heard some ladies saying they find it hard. How long have you been charing for? Shelly22...I have been reading on short LP and I started taking vitamin B6 and drinking red raspberry tea but I just started a few days ago so I'll let you know if this helps. JND...b/c I have been charting I know when I O and then count the days until a/f. I am going to see my doc after this cycle and print off my charts to show him but I think I'll talk to him about maybe progestrone (sp) b/c I have heard that can help as well. How long have you ladies been ttc?


irregularfrustration - February 19

I seem to ovulate anywhere between day 16 and day 22 approx - but my luteal phase is only 11 to 12 days long (with spotting on the last day)...I have been wondering whether I ovulate too late and/or have too short of a luteal phase. Has anyone asked their doctor about what const_tutes a luteal phase defect and / or about when ovulation takes place too late into a cycle to still have a viable egg?



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