Any One From MN

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Krista - October 30

Just curious if there was anyone out there from Minnesota...


staci - October 30

hi krista, my brother and his family live there, my sis-in-law's name is nicky that has a sis-in-law named krista, are you her? just thought that this was to wierd!


krista - October 30

nope that's not me. that is weird though!


staci - October 30

yeah, i thought it would be funny if you were her! she's pg that's why i thought it might be her! i was born in mn, and just visited there in may to see my brother and his family.....boy it's windy there! or atleast where they live!


krista - October 30

it can be windy here but most of the time its not too bad. the winter is the worst for wind since we have all the snow smoothing everything out. not to mention its freaking cold! its quite the experience living in sub zero temps and your first step outside you choke and cough and your nostrils freeze almost shut because its 20 below zero. why do i live here??? where were you born here? i live in the Shakopee area, i was actually born in Shakopee too. how long have you been ttc? this is #6 for us. my first month of clomid too. hope it works, i should be Oing about friday.


bump - November 1



Laura - November 1

Hi Krista, I am in MN. What area are you? I am in Shoreview


Krista - November 1

I'm in Jordan. its near shakopee if you know where that is. how long have you been ttc?


Laura - November 1

Hi Krista, We had a m/c at the beginning of Sept. My body had a new cycle 10/15 so we are trying again this month. How about yourself?


krista - November 2

this is our 6th month trying and my first round of clomid i took a few days ago. i should O the end of this week!


Laura - November 2

Will this be your first pregnancy? I have a 9 year old, 3 year old, and 18 month old. I feel horrible when others have a hard time conceiving. The miscarriage was a very hard thing to go through.


Alyssa - November 2

Krista - you are about half hour to 45 min away from me! My husband goes through Jordan on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I live in Mankato, MN.


staci - November 2

hey krista! well i was born in worthington, my brother and his family live in far is that from you? we have been ttc for 6months and 7 cycles..yep, my mom told me that your snot freezes as soon as you step outside there in the winter! all of my baby pics are of me in a snow suit outside playing! anyway...what cd are you on? i'm on cd 21 and not sure when i o'd, so i might be testing on sunday and then wait a week if it's bfn to take another...



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