Any One Heard Of This As A Sign

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Adrianna - December 14

As most women, i am anxious about pregnancy. Not trying though, because i am not really ready yet. And just like most women i can never keep track of my period. The last one i remember was at the 1st or 2nd of November and it is now the14th of december and still no period. However I have this strange stretched or tight feeling to my usually small stomache, i pee about every 15 mins, sometimes i have the urge and barely dribble. I feel like i can't hardly breathe when i sit down as well. I just thought i'd ask if any one had any of these experiences in the past, because it's always good to talk to people with experience before jumping to any kind of conclusion.


jenn - December 14

well im 6 wks and i had... well still have that stretched feeling, pee more frequently, not a lot of urine through, but no breathing difficulty... try testing again in a week


Christine - December 15

Have you tested yet? It sounds like you are 2 weeks now you should be getting a positive if you are...the stretching feeling is common for your uterus grows so do the muscles and tendons around it...urinating frequently is also a common early sign, except it could also be a sign of a becareful there is no pain and you are getting enough fluids...experiencing difficulty breathing is not a early sign of pregnancy...and not when sitting down...get that checked out...later on in pregnancy this becomes a sign because as the baby grows it tends to push up against your frame/lungs which can make it more difficult until the baby drops some...actually your oxygen levels increase during pregnancy and they say that a higher percentage of woman who have asthma have a very good time during pregnancy due to this...good luck and take a test...


T - December 15

Adrianna,,, yes i have the breathing difficulty as well, more when i lay down ,,bcuz my b___st have gotten so heavy,,also having the pee thing happen as well and nothing really coming out,, hmm i have had a two neg blood tests so far but 3hpt that are faintly pos,,,so its kinda rough for me right now and my tummy is balling up getting tighter as well......i was a size 5 in oct now a size 9 hmmm


Christine - December 16

T..ask your doc for a sonogram...That happens enough..and I really dont think that it is fair that the doc not offer one to see if something else is going on...if you had 3 faint hpt's...chances are you are may be one of them woman where their body plays tricks on the tests...with a sonogram they can look in and see if there is any sac...good luck


T - December 16

I have had 2 sonograms already,, but i have a tilted uterus so they did not see anything...if im not far enuff along they wouldnt from my understanding


kim - December 16

Frequent peeing could be a sign. Especially if you late for your period. Have you took a test yet? With my first pregnency I took 3 home test all were neg. My first blood test was neg and my sec pos. When my doc checked me zi was already 3 months. Hang in there everyone,,


T - December 17

I have had 2 blood tests taken both negative,, although 3hpts were faintly positive. Doctor told me possible failed pregnancy, but to retest in 1 week if same symptoms in which i have with a very faint positive,, which made that my 3rd right now im just wondering what is going on, belly is getting bigger b___sts are sore actually my nipple is burning as well dont know if thats normal either, it comes and goes.



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