Any One SUPER Late Or Even Just Late

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Tiggy - November 1

Hi Ladies, I have been floating around here on the forums and am getting quite frustrated and confused. My last period was August 20th and I have technically missed 2 cycles (usually about 35 days). I'm having a variety of symptoms that come and go. For example, I was EXHAUSTED last week and now I don't have a need to take naps, my br___ts hurt on and off etc. The one thing that has remained consistant is tons of discharge for the past 3 weeks to the point where I think I've started and it's clear watery discharge. I even had blobs like EWCM making me think perhaps I missed a cycle and now I am ovulating again??? (but for 3 weeks??)A few other signs are consistant such as goose bumps on my nipples, constant cramping, BLOATED and veins are showing. Sounds promising right? Tell that too the numerous HPT's that were BFN's!!! I also had a blood test a few weeks ago and it was negative as well. Is anyone in the same boat or have they missed thier period(s) and are getting BFN's. I just need someone to share my frustrations with!


alape052105 - November 1

I am right there with you. I am not as late as you only 16 days late, but I have taken 7 hpt's all negative. I broke down and had a blood test and it too was negative. So I am stuck. I still feel like I could be pregnant, but dont want to dwell on it. I feel stuck. We were going to do fertility this cycle, cut since it hasnt come we are just waiting. I have symptoms. My b___st are somewhat sore(twinges now and then), really tired, frequent urination, bloated like crazy, I have blue veins everywhere. I too have had a lot of discharge. I normally do have quite a bit, but its usually wet in my underwear, but this has just been a lot when I wipe and I mean a lot. My husband said that the taste and smell are different also.(heard that can happen with pregnancy)My s_x drive is down a little. I dont know if that is anything, but it is unusual for me. Once we get into I am ok, but I just dont really have much of a desire, and normally I do. I feel all over the place emotionally. Hope it makes you feel better to know I am with ya.


lizie2 - November 1

Hey Tiggy we are definetly in the same boat.. My last menstration was on the 17th of August and i have had nothing ever since then.. This past mnth in Oct. I could have sworn I was getting af with the cramps and all but jsut when I thought it was here i checked and there was nothing... I too have waves of nausea somex and the goosebumps on my nipples... and they will hurt every now and then.. I too have taken tests and they have come back neg. but its great to hear that im not the only that this has happened to.. but I will put u in prayers and may God bless you.


newlywed0915 - November 1

Lizie, I thought you tested and got a bfp?! Did I miss something? Tiggy, I was 25 days late when I finally got a bfp. My blood test was on Oct. 8th and I got a negative. I tested again on Oct. 13th and got a faint bfp. My last period was Aug 20th as well, and the docs think I'm actually 6.5-7 weeks. I probably missed a cycle and got pregnant in September( my honeymoon week 15th-22nd). I had all that discharge as you are describing, pretty much down to the T. So I bet you ARE pregnant! When did you last test? Try an EPT.


MAC_33 - November 1

Hey Tiggy, sorry to hear that AF still hasn't arrived...but then again maybe that's a good thing! I'm on CD21 of my 3rd cycle off bcp now and still haven't ovulated for this cycle. I'm temping now though so that seems to help me with wondering "Did I ovulate yet?". I just never could tell a + from a - on the OPKs. Are you using any OPKs or temping?


Tiggy - November 2

OMG!! You guys have made me feel so much better and I am glad I am not doing this alone!! drive is down too and moody. lizie2 we are definately in the same boat, wow! Have you talked to a doctor yet? I better go soon. Newlywed I was following your posts like crazy and was so happy for you BFP! It gave me hope!! Mac_33 good to hear from you again! No I am not charting or using OPK but I sure will if...well I hope I don't have to :) I also started talking prenatals just in case and since I have been taking them, I have been feeling alot better and have more energy. I wish you all tons of babyjuice and babydust and keep me posted as I will do the same!


anamariaflorencia - November 2

Hi Tiggy. I've missed 3 cycles before. I came of bc last year and I had 2 normal cycles, then a supercycle (2 in one month), then nothing for almost 3 months. Since then they've started to become a little more regular. Where you on birthcontrol? I hate that our cycles are so unpredictable. It makes me feel a little nuts to obsess about my body so much...especially getting my hopes up that I'm pregnant, and then not being. Right now I'm on cd 32 waiting to see if I'm pg. 1 negative test so far and I'm testing again tomorrow.


irregularfrustration - November 2

Hi ladies! I’d like to join in on the conversation if that’s ok… I went off the pill at the end of August (I had been on it for 8 years). Before I started the pill my cycle was never regular but on average I got AF every 32-35 days and I averaged about 11 cycles a year. My husband and I had intended on starting to TTC in September but then I was hospitalized for 10 days with pancreat_tis so plans were put on hold. I lost a lot of weight while in hospital but nonetheless AF arrived on schedule on day 32 on September 23rd. I was advised to hold off TTC for one more cycle to fully recover from my illness. My husband and I used condoms in October but each time forgot to hold the rim down at the end each time and we didn’t use spermicide (tmi, sorry!) Anyway, I am now on day 40 and still no sign of AF. I have taken two pregnancy tests (day 33 and day 38) both of which were negative. I have been experiencing nausea off an on, abdominal cramping and slightly sore b___sts. I am not sure if these symptoms are remnants of the pancreat_tis, are signs of pms or … So now I am wondering: did AF just take a vacation for a month, so to speak, and so I am now on my next cycle (in which case my husband and I should be TTC every second night so as not to miss when I ovulate) OR am I just late and AF is still going to show (and thus I can take it easy since I am quite queasy?) OR did I ovulate much later than ‘usual’ this past month and am so early on in my pregnancy that it is too early to produce a positive test (last Saturday we didn’t even use a condom since by that point I knew I was ‘safe’ to start TTC relative to the pancreat_tis recovery.) This is so frustrating!


Tiggy - November 3

Its totally hard to say! and totally frustrating I know!! I am going to invest in an OPK kit if things do not work out!! I came of BC pills early July. I am aware that it may be the hormones, but I have some doubt due to past experiences. I have come of BC pills a few years ago and my longest cycle was 44 days and with a perfect 14 day leutal phase (I knew exactly when I ovulated but DH and I weren't TTC actively at that point). This time around I am counting forwards and backwards, what if here, there and everywhere and nothing makes sense. I am pretty sure (knowing the signs) when I ovulated and I did bd around that time. I also had no symptoms until I realized that I was a week late and then a few days after it got a little nasty. I am hoping that its not the hormones (or even a phantom pg eekk) and I have never had irregular cycles before, EVER and have never been 2 months late (and I hope this isn't the first time for anything :) ) I just hate this not knowing and what if etc. I guess I shall have to wait a little more. Its tough, as my closest girlfriends are rooting for no AF and just wanting that confirmation!


MAC_33 - November 3

I've been on birth control for so many years that I really don't know what kind of cycles I have. I started taking bc at 16! Then when I wanted to have my son at 23 I became pregnant in my 3rd cycle off bc. But as I recall, the periods were fairly irregular for those few months. Now its 10 years later and I'm in my 3rd cycle off bc again (stopped taking bc in July). I think that I'm obsessing way more this time though! I would recommend getting a basal thermometer ladies...with our irregular periods it has really helped me this cycle to know for sure that I haven't O'd yet. I bought a basal digital themometer at Wal-mart for just $8...the OPK cost $20 though and with my long cycles I was going through 2 kits each cycle and still not knowing for sure if I had already O'd or not.


irregularfrustration - November 3

Tiggy, I can feel your pain. This is so totally frustrating! Have you seen your MD lately? What does he/she think? I saw my MD on Wednesday and she did a blood test for me. I will get the results on Monday. I am now at day 41. I have only ever been this late 5 other times in my whole life - when I was much younger and it was exam time. My husband finally had to admit last night that I am not imagining it - my b___sts are definitely getting bigger. I was really small before I went on the pill (AA). When I first went off the pill they definitely started to revert to their smaller size. But now they have enlarged almost to the point of being bigger than at my largest on the pill...This is so weird. They also feel different. Before I went on the pill and while I was on the pill, they were a lot firmer than they are now - now they have the consistency more of jiggly water balloons - is that normal? AND they are sore. Anyway, my husband and I have decided to presume that I am on a new cycle and are following the s_x every second day route. I had bought an ovulation kit but realised that there may not be a point in using, at least just yet, at least until after my AF finally arrives. (Is it wrong of me to still have hope though that I had just taken the tests too soon???)


shelby3218 - November 3

Hello everyone!! Well I am only 1 day late. I usually start early in the morning. But nothing yet. I will geive it a couple of more days before I test. Due to the fact that I have been under a ton of stress being evacuated from my house and my dad going into the hospital for heart promlems. So we will see. I will post as soon as I find out!! ***BABY DUST***


shelby3218 - November 4

Well no sooner did I write this I started my period. About 2 hours later. Oh well, on to next month. ***BABY DUST***


shelly22 - November 4

well i'm 51 days, so i guess i'm late!! I took a blood test last week and it was negative. I didn't know when to start my ovulation predictor kit, so i started today hoping that i just skipped a month and should be ovulating soon! i also went off the pill in july, i hate irregular cycles!!


leahsmommy - November 4

Hi Tiggy.. I am actually a little later than you.. My last period was Aug 1st and I usually have a 30 day cycle.. Last time I was pregnant I was about 3 months when I found out because nothing showed up on tests that I was.. My doc this time doesnt believe me and the last blood test I had done was early sept.. I have asked several times for an u/s but they refuse.. My clothes have started fitting snug and my belly has started getting slightly bigger.. I am only 24 so there is no way that I would be in menopause.. they checked my thyroid and hormones and everything was fine.. I am just so confused as of what to do.. I tried calling around to find a new doc and everyone is booked out for ever.. So I sit here and wait hoping that something will happen in my favor and I will know for sure.. Best of luck to you!!


damaj31 - November 5

hi ladies im in the same boat. hopefully i can get some advice. im 20yrs. old, in college right now. i stopped taking the bcp in july. i had a regular period in the begining of august, like around the 1rst or something. i havent had on since. i took tons of hpts and one blood test. all negative. the thought keeps lingering in the back of my mind that i could be pregnant, but i dont have any real obivous signs other than fatigue. anyways i started taking the bcp pills again. i just hope that its the right decision cause if i am pregnant, i would really love to have that baby.\, and im afraid the medicine will cause harm. but im just doing as the doctor prescribes right now.


mjvdec01 - November 5

damaj31- forget the doctor! If you think you may be pregnant DO NOT continue taking birth control pills. Find another doctor and take charge of your health care!!!



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