Any One Ttc 5 Months Or Longer

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Trying one more time - January 13

On a real downer, we've been ttc for 5 months. Of course I thought that this was the month "again". Loosing hope, we're trying all the "right" things but still nothing. AF keeps showing up.


Susan - January 13

This is our sixth month trying. AF is due on the 25th. Don't lose hope! it can take up to a year for healthy couples to conceive. I know how hard it is and how you convince yourself every month that you have every symptom under the sun.


KN - January 14

We have been trying since August. We got pregnant on our first try, literally, the first try in our first month. But I lost it at 6 weeks, and have had no luck since. We haven't been really trying though, if it happens it does. We are newlyweds, and know we want lots of kids, so we are just taking what life hands us. We have a lot of travelling to do too. But this month I was convinced was "the month", had it all... then af! Oh well, I hope you have good luck trying to conceive. Keep in mind that your brain can play tricks on you and make you think you are when you aren't. Also, you might not produce an egg every month, so keep that in mind too when it just doesn't seem to work. Hope I helped out! Chin up!


Trying one more time - January 14

Thanks Susan & KN, really appreciate your responses. I have to keep reminding my self that this is a process that is beyond my control. Good Luck to both of you!


KN - January 14

I just read the post 'Relax' and that is very interesting. I think I can learn alot from that. If you relax, and not try so hard to the point of freaking out, good things will come! :)


Amy - January 14

I've been trying for 9 months now. Every month i convince myself that i'm preggers and then AF appears. To make matters worse, since i've been trying 5 of our friends have announced that they are pregnant. I've been so depressed wondering why i haven't been able to conceive. It was so easy with my first child.


Lisa' s trying one more time - January 14

KN: Thanks for the info regarding the post"relax". I think it's time for me to stop stressing. Best of luck to you!


KN - January 14

It's easy to say that I am going to relax, but it's still hard. Amy, a few of my friends have announced their pregnancy, and it makes it hard. But think of it this way, they can help you out by giving great advice because they have gone through it! :)


Tanya - January 14

I have just tried to conceive for the 23rd time. Nothing. Unsuccessful every time. I have a lemon tree outside my back door. I got it when I started trying for the first time. It's so incredibly strange, but this tree has not carried any fruit during all this time. It is as barren as me. I often go and sit next to it and pray, or cry, or dream. Maybe one day I will go there and see a blossom, and I will know I'll conceive soon. Hold on girls, when the time is right, motherhood will not elude us any longer.


Tanya - January 14

Your post really touched me. I hope you see your blossom soon and that all the rest of us are right behind you!!


Susan - January 14

he he, Tanya, I posted that last comment with your name as the subject


Tanya - January 14

Susan, thanks for your empathy, I wish you the same! The first lemon on my tree will be used for a 'mean' tequila shooter! (If I'm not preggies at that time!) Cheerios!


kim - January 14

I had no periods for 3 years and I just suddenly got pregnant, just like that after 3 years of TTC. So be patient it will happen.


Lisa's tryin 1 more time - January 14

Ladies thank you all for your words of wisdom... I was really down yesterday, but I'm definately feeling better. I was at the end of my rope, but have decided to tie a knot and hang on. Good things are bound to come to those who wait! Good luck to all


Angel - January 14

I was pregnant once when I was 21 and lost it at 5 months. I am now 36 and have never been pregnant since. At 25, with second husband, did fertility testing and found out that I have scar tissue from a childhood colostomy that is blocking fallopian tubes. Surgery then seemed to risky to cause another colostomy so I opted for adoption. At age 28 I became the mother of two beautiful daughters through adopting from our county children services. Have not spent any time since believing that I would ever concieve since chances are next to miraculous. In Oct reunited with my high school sweetie and we are to be married on Feb 4th. In Dec I quit smoking cigarettes after 18 years of the bad habit. Should have gotten AF on 1-5 and just realized on 1-10 that it had not come after having restless nights, high temps in am, weird dreams, big glob of thick discharge on 1-5 and very dry since. Experienced Brown spotting and some light pink when going to bathroom on Mon - Tues- Wed. Nothing really Thurs and nothing at all today except brown a couple times when wiping. Experience heartburn, dizziness and lots of nausea off and on from mid morning to night. Feeling heavy, b___sts feel heavy and look larger. I feel thicker in midsection. Extremely tired. Sense of smell is very keen to everything. I think I have finally lost my mind even thinking that I might be pregnant. I am so scared to take a HPT and petrified to believe after all this time.... You never give up hope I guess.


Grace - January 14

We're going on 8 months of ttc off an on (my husband keeps getting sent on business trips at ovulation time!). I would suggest getting the book "Trying to Conceive" by Toni Weschler. It is very informational, and I can find the answers to just about all my questions. It also helps you track your cycle and lets you know what to share with your doctor so they can identify potential problems early on. (For example, by doing this I found that my leutal phase is potentially too short for an egg to implant. The doctor can prescribe medicine to fix this).


Tanya - January 15

Angel, let us know what's the outcome once you've tested!! I will be thinking of you for the next couple of days!! I'm hoping it is positive. You go, girl! This may be your day! Like Lisa said, good things will happen if you wait, and I do believe you've done your share!



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