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Alicia - November 28

Hi. ill try to make this as short as i can. my last period was on oct.4th. i still havnt gotten my period and im already over 3 weeks late. I took 2 hpts, on the 16th and 23rd. both came back negative. on the 16 i started spotting slightly. only lasted for like 2 days. defly not a period the way i usually get them, it was only when i wiped. no morning sickness, my br___ts arnt sore, im bloated pretty good though, headaches (may be from sinuses) i get hot flashes when im sleeping, i have these feelings like someone is pressing their finger on my tummy like right below and to the left and right of my belly button, any my nipples itch like they do right before i get a period. but iv been having this and lower back aches for like 2 weeks now. my boyfriend thinks im crazy cuz the tests say negative but i keep telling him something isnt right. I could jsut use some feedback, more so for peice of mind that im not crazy than anything. =-) Thanks, i appreciate any comments.


TKG - November 28

sounds like you are pregnant. I am most certain that I'm pregnant, and I too took a pregnancy test and it was negative. you should probably have a blood test done.


~JujUz~ - November 28

i'm having the same problem not bleeding though wonder what it is?


Cazz - November 28

I am now 23 day's late - have taken 4 HPT and all neg and 1 negative urine test at the Dr's office - I had very light, brown blood on tissue 6 days ago but nothing else - I also have headaches and peeing alot but not sore b___bs or nausea - I feel like there is stretching feeling in my tummy just obove bikini line - My husband thinks I am also mad as the tests all say no - I just feel different - I'm going to do another HPT(this is getting expensive) - I'll keep you posted.


Cazz - November 28

Just did another EPT and it was neg - I think I am just going to leave it at that and a__sume i am going to come on - i'm soooo fed up.


chrissy30753 - November 28

why didnt the doc. do a blood test?


Cazz - November 28

My Dr just told me to come back in two weeks if I havn't got AF by then and that time would tell - I 'm going to make another appt and see about a blood test - I said earlier that I was going to leave it , But how can I - It's constantly on my mind.


Grandpa Viv - November 28

for Cazz: how about the possibility that your cycle was upset, you ovulated way late, and got pregnant only a couple of weeks ago. That would fit with the brown discharge 6 days ago, and with the negative tests so far. If that is true, the doc's recommendation would be right on the money. The same kind of scenario might work for Alicia, too.



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