Any Possibility Of Being Pregnant Desperate

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blondieboo - August 28

My period was due around 5days ago but has yet to arrive, the date of my last period was 25th July to 29th July. I had unprotected s_x twice after this on the 17th and 19th August, i was wondering if i could be pregnant as isn't it too late on in the cycle to get pregnant seen as it was only less than a week before i was due on? I'm sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, i'm not that well researched on pregnancy... I have been having a lot of backache and nausea along with increased temperature but this normal when im due on however not usually to this extent. I'd just like someone to clarify if it is actually possible to get pregnant on these dates as the research ive done has been very conflicting. Thanks


Grandpa Viv - August 29

You are correct in thinking that ovulation would have been history by these dates in a normal cycle, and pregnancy not a worry. Not every cycle is normal, however. If you have ever had a cycle that went 35 days, ovulation would have been a week later than expected. In fact, this cycle is shaping up to be that long, so if you are experiencing PMS signs different from normal, I would think a couple of pregnancy tests would be in order. Run the first next Wednesday using first morning pee, and repeat a week later if still in doubt. Do you remember if your libido was particularly high on those occasions, or if fertile mucus was present - either would suggest a delayed ovulation. GL!


Ms. Roberts - September 6

Hello...I am posting my question here because i couldn't figure out how to post my question. O.K. My fiance came in town on the 8th of last month to the 13th. At least 4 out of five of those days we engaged in unprotected s_x. On the 12th I started my cycle which was 11 day early and lighter and shorter than normal. It lasted 3 I only spotted. Since my cycle ended I have been having occasional cramps and back pains...I have had b___st soreness and the other day I squeezed under the hot water and there was a small emerge of something cloud and clear. I have been irritable, unable to sleep a full night, I awoke this morning with a terrible headache which is happening more often. My appet_te has actually decreased which means I lost some weight. If it would be considered a regular cycle the next would be due by the ninth so i can't tell if these are new pms symptoms. If so why have been going on for 3 weeks now. I have an increased sensitivity to smell.Every now and then I will get this sharp pulling around my navel then it goes away. The only pretty consistent is the lower back pains and the b___st soreness. When I am hungry I only want cheese pizza dough onions and bell peppers. When i do eat or drink i don't make it through a whole meal without feeling quizzy. My fiance said he thinks I'm pregnant but I think I'm in denial I guess. So what is it, what are the possibilities of me being pregnant.


Grandpa Viv - September 6

You were originally expecting to menstruate Aug 23, suggesting ovulation Aug 9, but it could have been a day or two earlier. Anyway, you had unprotected in prime time. You describe implantation spotting starting the 12th, which is surprisingly early. I guess you could have ovulated Aug 7th and the egg was still viable and half way down the fallopian tube when it met a sperm on the 8th. That would explain things. You have a long string of early pregnancy signs. It is very likely you are two weeks late and pregnant. Take a test any morning now using first morning pee. Good luck!


christiesmith83 - September 7

I have done lots of research about when I was suppose to ovulate and I tried for 8 months. When I fell pregnant it was when I wasn't trying, 7 days before my expected period which didn't come because I was pregnant. I am now 9 weeks. A lady at work told me she fell 3 days after her period ended. I would do a pregnancy test asap. Good luck. Hope it goes your way :)


christiesmith83 - September 7

I am no professional but if your period lasts longer than 3 days usually it might not of actually been a 'real' period you could have fallen last cycle.


Ms. Roberts - September 7

Thanks for the advice....I guess I am just a little in denial...however I will take the test the morning and update you with the response.


Ms. Roberts - September 7

Also Grandpa Viv you are correct....after posting yesterday I realized my next cycle was actually due the 21 so i would have ovulated on the 7.


Ms. Roberts - September 8

Hello Granpa Viv. I went to the e.r. and my pregnancy test was positive....both of them. I am concerned because I started bleeding again....they examined me and said I was o.k. Is it normal to bleed during pregnancy if so what cause it.


Grandpa Viv - September 8

Congratulations Ms. R! Mark 5/1/2011 on your calendar. The emergency room is an expensive way to get a test that should only cost $6 tops. One in four pregnancies experiences some kind of bleed in the first trimester - blood vessels are trying to hook up with the fetus, and some may not make it. If the bleed is accompanied by major cramps and clots, then a check up for a clean miscarriage would be advisable. Start in on the prenatal vitamins stat - important for birth defects. GL!


Julie1975 - September 8

All of this is very informative. In the last few months I have been spotting before my period is even due. It is mostly inside with little on the pad and went from light to bright red. I always have a period even though it is sometimes late. This is new to me. In august I started spotting the fourth and my due date was the eighth. It only lasted for a little over two day. My base tempature was above 97.5 for over two weeks after ovulation. This month it happened again the same way. I am so confused at the moment. I was diagnosed with a large/bulky Uturus a couple of months ago.


maybebaby2010 - September 9

Hi everyone, grandpa viv you seem like you know your stuff, so basically im due for a doctors appointment tomorrow, and im totally convinced im pregnant. For years ive wanted a baby but this year i totally forgot about the idea and got on with my life. Now i find i had my last period on 10th aug, u/p/ s_x round about 16 days later. In the past week ive had raised temp, nausea, sensitivity to smell, appet_te has changed, cravings, pulling on my belly b___ton, stretching and flutters in my uterus, also the most extreme tiredness ive ever had, literally sleeping the days away, and feeling tired within an hour of waking. ive always been sensitive and can feel all the niggling things with my body, so at the moment i feel all over the place. Also reguent urination and hormone mood changes. Id be over the moon if i was having a baby.....hopefully the doc will confirm this tomorrow :)


Srishti - September 10

Hi, im on 48 days now i had a home pregnancy test which came out as faint. My hcg levels on 41day are 103 and on day 44 was 300. My doctor prescribed me Duphaston tablet for 15days and asked me to wait till 60days to do a scan to confirm my pregnancy. I'm having sharp adbomen pain for a few seconds since 10days. Am I pregnant could someone help me , have anyone of you paseed through this kind of situation ??


Srishti - September 10

hi this is srishti again could someone answer my query.......desperate


maybebaby2010 - September 10

I felt every pregnancy symptom going, was totally convinced i was and went to the docs today he confirmed the test was negative, and got my period today, now feeling so depressed and hopeless it really drains you wondering if your pregnant then to find out your not knocks you off your feet. dont know how much i can take, this has been going on for 8yrs now :(


Ms. Roberts - September 10

Dear maybebaby2010, I know how draining it could be to desire something so bad and seem to never get it. I have had baby born and died after birth, a miscarriage, and an ectopic pregnancy. I have wanted children since my daughter died and now 14 years later it has finally come to past. I am now expecting and is 4 weeks pregnant. I am sharing with you because I never won't you to give up is not over until God say it's over. We can look at our timing and compare it to the Father's He's an eternal God He can't be trapped by time. So please don't give up keep your head up high and know your child will come in God's perfect timing. He may not come when we want him but He always right on time. God Bless, Ms. Roberts


kibbles - September 12

Hey grandpa viv and Hey ladies, i had a pink spot with creamy mucous on saturday morning 10dpo bloated i look like im 4months a bit of twinges on my left side no major cramps just lower back ache and a ball heavy feeling in the lower part of my belly oh yea and this terrible tongue sensation like pennys/metal taste....i kept going to th bathroom only saw a little brownish yellowish discharge once or twice(tmi)im around 11dpo EW discharge temp 98.7 sore b___bs still have this metal taste other than that i feel fine can i be pregnant still laying in bed temp is up to 99.3 at times i have hot flashes a lil dizzy and now a slight headache leg cramps when laying down period is due on tues-wed9-14/ dying to know whats going on never had this much symtoms b4 heeeeeelllllppppp any 1 :(



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