Any Recent Positives

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Julie - May 29

Has anyone just recently tested and got a positive? I started the post called "...tested too early??" and had been waiting for the best time to test, and I've now been getting positives. I'm just looking for some people to share in my excitement!!!!


jue - May 29

Hi julie snap the same name as me, I am 19dpo 1 very faint + but I feel pg, it's great, this will be my third and we are hoping for a girl as I have 2 biys from first marriage and my dh has 2 boys from his first marriage, this will be our first together, talk about being excited, I can't wait to start making lists and buying things, but I am going to wait till i get past 12 weeks as i m/c last dec at nearly 12 weeks but this time it just feels different and I feel happier, I will be due 30th January 06. how far along are you? and what were you early symptoms? mine were ib at 6 dpo just light spotting for 3 days and only when I wiped, a headach in the afternoon and evenings, slightly queezy and it was worse at bed time, very mild cramps in the stomach, my b___bs are bigger and feel almost like when your b___st feeding with the tugging sensation towards the nipple, very tired, coffee tastes funny, hungry until i eat then feel sick, very congested like I have a cold but dr said my lungs are fine, wetter than normal and the worst one for me is the running to the loo every five mins. congratulations to you and everyone who get a postive.


Si - May 29

Hi. I am now 20 dpo and tested pos yesterday. Faint but definate + sign in window. So excited. Think I am due end Jan. x


Julie - May 29

OMG......congratulations to both of you!!! I haven't been to the Dr. yet, but I belive that my due date will be somewhere around February 7th. To answer your question Jue, some of my early signs were, sore b___sts, very mild cramps, going to the bathroom frequently and very thirsty all the time. Other than that, I feel great. (Knock on wood) I haven't felt very nauseas or exhausted yet, which comes as a big surprise to me, because this will also be my 3rd, and with my first 2 I was tired and sick right away, but I guess every pregnancy's different. I am just so excited, and it's even better that I have you guys to share it with!!! Congratulations!!!


JN - May 29

Hi Julie, I too tested positive this week on two hpt's, I am very nervous b/c I had 2 miscarriages in the last year. However, I am very nauseated, peeing lots, very tired, leg cramping, and light headed- which I wasn't when I had the m/c.....soooo hopefully this is the good one, I am very excited, but my hubby and I decided we would not tell anyone until we can get through the first couple months, It is so hard keeping this a secret from the family, but we don't want to tell everyone (again) and then the same thing happen as before! Congrats to all the +++'s this time around and Good luck too you!


shayn - May 29

Hi ladies I think I got my BFP this morn It was faint but it was there I videotaped myself waiting for the results I am so glad I did that Cant wait to see it Taped my husband coming in the door this morn I had a onesie with a card by it He knew right away He said he thought Iwas too bc I have not been myself lately I had taken a test fri morn and it was neg So I didnt think this one would be pos I have been lightheaded and a little dizzy and a little nausea but have had indigestion which I have never had This is my first pregnancy(agh I cant believe I can say that:) ) And it was our first month TTC WOW!!! I know my body very well and had this feeling that I would get pregnant on the first try Then I can tell my kids It only takes 1 time--hee hee I was ovulating on the 13th according to my charts We bd'd on the 9th 11th and 13th I didnt have cm till the 14th and 15th So I was a little worried bc we didnt try on those days I thini I had IB last sun Just a little bit of pinkish stuff That was it Well I hope my next test double confirms my first--I am afraid to get too excited--Happy to hear all the BFP's Good luck Keep me posted!



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