Anybody 3 Weeks Along

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pregprincess - November 15

I had a positive pregnancy test last night. Just looking for somebody as early as me. This is my forth pregnancy but my last two ended in miscarriage.I am hoping for a baby out of this one ! My three year old son is ready for a sibling.


gwen - November 15

just wanted to wish you a h&h 9 months, along with tons of sticky dust!!! Take care! CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Nissa - November 15

I'm 4 1/2 weeks...just found out myself! I'm pretty excited! I'm sure you are too! So congrats!!!!!!!!!What aches and pains are you experiencing? Me its the occasional cramp, and I'm tired/sleepy/weak feeling, shortness of breath, and not really an appet_te. How about you?


Laura - November 15

Hi, I am 4 1/2 weeks This is my 5th pregnancy, I had a m/c in Sept. I have lots of symptoms this time, I did not with the pregnancy that I m/c'd so I am feeling confident this time.


pregprincess - November 15

I'm feeling a little tired. my b___st are sore and having some cramping. I've also been hot which was someting I did'nt have with the other pregnanies. But I am in Louisiana where it is in the 80's !!! I am guessing if the pregnancy lasts I'll be due around late July or early Aug. I was thinking of naming it Katrina since we were affected by the hurricane!!!! Just joking!


Laura - November 15

Hi pregprincess, How did your family get through the hurricane? It was a mess and may still be a mess down there? I am in Minnesota. We are supposed to get our first snow tonight.


pregprincess - November 15

Laura, yes it is a mess!! We lost our home. We are renting now. Now that I am expecting I am ready to start the rebuilding process. But we have to wait a little while longer.So do you have any other children?


Laura - November 15

I have a 9, 3 and 18 months all boys. My dh and I come from a large family. I found this site after I had my m/c in Sept. I love the support and talking with others who are going through the same thing.


amyk - November 15

pregprincess, how many dpo were you when you got a bfp???


amyk - November 20

what is bfp????


Laura - November 20

BFP---Big Fat Positive!



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