Anybody Due For Af On 26th So Far Any Symptoms

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karenk - December 19

anyone due for af on 26th.. and post what symptoms do you have thus far?.. would be kind of fun to see what your symptoms were and if you were pregnant... last month i had a chemical pregnancy, which was not good.. but let me know i can get pregnant ( had a tubal reversal in july).. anyway.. i have some nausea, tender bb's ( but different than my af), cm is not drying up... blue veins.. temps high .. ( but they should be after ovulation).. i am now 8dpo.. and i really hope i am pregnant again and it sticks.. will pray for all of you!!!


jb - December 19

i am due for af on the 28th. i did artifical insemination on dec.11 as i showed a lh surge on 10th earlier than doc. thought. i am 9 dpo and have sore b___sts ( since 17th) bbt at 99.2-99.8. was nauseated for only one day. bloated, ga__sy. cramps in low abdomin.


karen k - December 19

oh yeah. i did have cramps in lower part of my stomach as well.. and i got a tooth ache two days ago.. my temps are not that high.. only about 98.5 or so..feel like i am getting the flu.. good luck.. will pray for you jb.. are your bbs normally tender after ovulation or just right before af.. as for me.. i was nauseated today and yesterday.. could be the antibiotic.. who knows..


karen k - December 20

today i am 9dpo and all my nausea went away.. not feeling anything.. yesterday i took a ept.. nothing.. today i took one.. but not with fmu and it was a faint positve.. so i am still in the waiting game..


Lola - December 20

I am due for af on the 26th and i have tender bb's, some mild nausea, moody, but i also fall asleep really early and then toss and turn all night! i my bb's are what are really killing me. it's not like pms, it's alot more swelling and tenderness. what's making me the most crazy is wondering!! i don't know if i can go through this another month and it's my first attempt!! i'm afraid i am going to lose it if i am because i can't stop thinking about it. i was really cool about it at first, real laid back, and now all the sudden since we tried, i've become a psycho about it!!


karen k - December 20

i know how you feel..i never thought i would be like this.. i had a tubal in july .. before that i got pregnant so easily.. now it seems so hard.. and i have become so crazy.., if i get a faint ,. i carry it around and get different people to look at it.. i normally have sore bb's with af.. but this month. it is on and off.. not really sore as normal.. maybe the vitex i am taking .. but i know how you feel.. i will pray for you..


karen k - December 20

by the way.. i cant sleep at night as well.. i wake up at 3am and never go back.. the wait is killing me..



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