Anybody Ever Got Preg On Depo

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jazmin1124 - April 30

I'm wondering if anybody has ever gotten pregnant on depo. I'm on depo and I also been on other medications for asthma. I now that I'm not supposed to be ovulating but I did last month. I wonder if my meds have anything to do with this. I've been feeling very tired an nauseous lately. Is it possible that I may be preg?


jazmin1124 - May 1



Steff - May 1

How can you be sure that you ovulated? And it is possible that you could be pregnant, unlikly, but possible. Go to your doctor and get a blood test and then discuss another form of BC with her


jazmin1124 - May 1

i was sore on my left side for a couple of days, then on the 3rd day i went to the bathroom and this eggwhite stuff was just hanging out(sorry) i tested the next day for ov and it was positive. I had s_x all that week, so I'm just a little curious if it's possible. I haven't called my dr yet I'm waiting to get my af, it should be this weekend


jazmin1124 - May 1

actually it was my right side, it was just sore and a bit crampy


Emma2 - May 2

How do you know you Ovulated last month?


Emma2 - May 2

Oops sorry didn't read your post above. But being sore on one side and seeing eggwhite does not confirm ovulation and i wouldn't even trust the test you took because depo is a very very strong from of BC. But , i am no dr. so it would best to talk to him


spammy4145 - May 2

After 2 kids, my sister decided that depo might be best for her.. Well let's just say when her youngest was 8 months old, she found out that she was already 5 months pg.. so yes it can happen.. She got pg just 3 months after she had her 2nd son and now she has 3 boys.. 5, 2, and 1.. (the two youngest are exactly 354 days apart. one birthday is June 28th, and the baby is June 27th.) what luck huh


spammy4145 - May 2

*364 not 354... just one day apart from exactly 1 year


jazmin1124 - May 3

wow, I just knew something was up, well I guess I have to wait and see. I let you guys know if I am. Thanks


UnLuckyLady1903 - May 3

i wish ive been off it 2 years and im still npt pregnant


tish - May 3

when i was on depo, every once in a while i would feel some pregnancy symptoms and think i was pregnant. it is the hormones in the shot. there is a lot of progesterone in the shot and i believe that can make you nautious especially closer to the end of a shot or when you get your next shot. but, my mom and my aunt both got pregnant while on depo. but i would have to say that it is very unlikely.



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