Anybody Got Pregnant And Experienced Implantation Bleeding

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Sarah - May 19

I was wondering how often and how much did you bleed? Like what color was it and all. I know it's kinda gross. But I am 3-4 days late for my period, and 2 days ago, when I wiped, I had this really dark brown discharge. I had very little then on my panites the next day. I have some slight cramping and nausa. My abdomen below my belly button looks a little swollen also. But my br___ts aren't sore whatsoever, which they are normally a week before my period. Today, I didn't see really any signs of bleeding. Still have cramping. I'm wondering if I pregnant, or if my hormones are just messed up right now. Took a urine test 3 days ago and was BFN. Also just went to the doctors, I'm suppose to go in for a blood test tomorrow. So any advice on implantation bleeding would be helpful. Thanks :)


Jen - May 19

Hi Sarah-i had implantation bleeding with my first son. I didn't realize it until looking back on it. But it was like a week and a half after my last regular period and it was dark brown with a lot of yellow mucous and mostly just when I wiped.


Jen-another thing.... - May 19

Another thing, I didn't get a + test until 3 weeks after this bleed. But after two weeks is when knew that I was pregnant, so I just waited until The line showed up very faint and every morning for four days it got darker and darker!! Love to prove my husband wrong!!!!!!!!


kim - May 19

does implantation bleeding occur when you are soppuse to get your period....or anytime of the month ????


Jen to kim - May 19

I really don't know, logically, I would say anytime from O to the time of your period could be implantation b/c there's really no set day that the egg implants. But, the bleeding for me was a week and a half after a regular period. If you think your experiencing this, note the color, is it old ( dark brown) blood? is it accompanied by a yellowish discharge? No clots? It's a good possibility. But, the hgc hormone is not going to start being detectable for like a week because it doesn't start to really produce until the egg has implanted. So, if your ttc, wait a week or so and test!!


Sarah - May 19

Thank you so much Jen!! :)



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