Anybody Heard Of Cramps In Beginning Of Pregnancy

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Brandy - March 2

I am going on two weeks late of my period. But i am still getting the cramps as if i am going to get it, and ive been having the cramps for almost over a week now. Is that a sign of being pregnant or not. I feel ill a lot lately as well.


Kimberly - March 2

Brandy... cramp can be a sign of pregnancy. I was pregnant and going on my 12th week. I found out today i am in the first phase of a miscarriage. However i had cramps from day one of expecting my period. Your cramps should feel like normal period cramps. If you think you are pregnant then i would test with a home pregnancy test. Just relax and hope for the best. Good luck.


Niki - March 2

When i was pregnant 2 yrs ago, i was getting cramps everymonth for a few days during that time of the month that i should of had my period. It was weird, but the dr said it was normal. And she said if i drink more water the cramps should go away.


tiffani - March 8

The cramps were my first sign, and after 3 weeks of them, I finally got my BFP!


sweet_tart - March 8

hi tiffany. you really gave me hope. I was due on the 28. No AF, but have had cramping, all last week. Not much cramping this week. 3 hpt all negative. I hope its too early to tell.


Toya - March 8

I got cramps until 6 weeks of pregnancy. I got like 3 cramps per day.


tiffani - March 8

sweet_tart~ Glad I could help. :o)


dm - March 8

when i was pregnant with my daughter i had pms like cramps. i had taken about 6 hpts (all positive) but the cramps made me think af was still coming (i had a hard time convincing myself i was really preg). the cramps are actually the only signs i remember having in early pregnancy (of course it was my 1st so i didn't know what to look for). it's normal to have some cramping as long as it's not severe and there's no bleeding. hope this helps you all. good luck!*****


Pam - March 8

Besides the cramps, does it feel like AF is actually here? I have some mild cramps, which is normal during AF. I expected AF today, and I feel sorta "wet" down there, which makes it seem like AF is here. When I get to the bathroom, there's nothing. Does this sound like your experience?



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