Anybody Ovulate 3 26 3 28 And Wanna Wait

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Kelly11 - March 28

Here's to a new month! Just wanted to start a new thread for this month for anybody who would like to chat and keep each other's spirits up! I thought that I wouldn't be ovulating until 3/29-3/30, but good thing I bought a new opk and used it on sunday because there was a little smiley face at noon and then monday morning (3/27) it was I'm thinking that I o'd either sunday night or monday sometime (3/27). So I guess now I'll be waiting for no AF to show around 4/10...would love to have some 2ww company! Babydust


twotimesthecharm - March 28

I think that I will probably be ovulating between 03/28-03/30. I am on H with my CBFM, but I am sure that I will peak tomorrow. I am going to test with my OPK this afternoon. I went to the doc on yesterday and the u/s revealed my dominate follicle (egg) on the right side and he said I should be ovulating within a day or two. So I would glad to wait with you. I am expecting to not see my af on 04/15.


Kelly11 - March 28

Hi there! Well sounds like you better start baby dancin : ) That's the same dates that I thought that I should have been ovulating but boy am I glad that I had an opk in hand and an urge to test on Sunday afternoon because otherwise I mighta missed my surge!!! Well here's to lots of babydust for both of us and anyone else who decides to join our thread!!! How long have you been ttc?


lovemy4 - March 29

Hi I would love to wait with you, much better then waiting on my own thats for sure. I think I ovulated Sunday 26th as well hoping I did anyway. AF is due around 10th . I am really going to try not to test to soon this time last time around I was obsessed with POS and got so down everytime I saw a BFN. Anway here is to a quick 2WW and lots and lots of baby dust


miamia06 - March 29

hey ladies!!! I ovulated on the 28th, hopefully...I chart my temps. I hope I hit it this month! baby dust to all


twotimesthecharm - March 29

Kelly, I have been TTC #2 since 03/2003. I have had 2 m/c, 1 blighted ovum, and 2 chem pregnancy since then. I really hope I get one to stick very soon. Here's to hoping this cycle is it for all of us. How long have you been trying? Welcome, Lovely and Miamia!! Sending baby dust to everyone on this thread.


Kelly11 - March 29

Hey girls! So glad that more have started chatting with makes the wait a little bit easier ; ) twotimesthecharm---you have been through so much and I give you big props for continuing forward and being positive! IT WILL happen for you too, and stick!!! I a__sume that you are working with a doc about this stuff though right? Miamia---I think that I ovulated that same day too so it's great to have someone here who is the exact same : )


JamieLynne - March 29

Hello ladies!! Can I join in? I had an IUI done on 3/23 that I am praying took! I go for blood work next Thursday 4/6.... and the wait is killing me. We have been ttc for almost 2 years. Last two days I have been feeling nausous. Hopefully it is a good sign!


twotimesthecharm - March 30

Welcome JamieLynn, nice to have you. Well according to FF I ovulated on 03/28 which is putting me 2DPO. I think I will get my CL on tomorrow which will put me officially in the 2ww. I will keep you all posted. How is everyone doing?


Kelly11 - March 30

Hey girls...I don't know what to think now. This morning for fun I took another opk and got yet another positive smiley face result!??!? What is going on??? I got a really good positive on Sunday and figured that should be it so why would I be getting another positive four days later and in the a.m.?? I am just so confused! Any ideas on what that is all about?


AshleyB - March 30

Hi ladies. I O-d on 3/25 and am 5dpo. Kelly11-I remember you from a different thread, but I thought you got a bfp? Maybe my memory is messed up. anyway, I"d love to wait with you. Well this month I expected to O around cd14 and had the ewcm before and everything right , but I didn't get a true positive on opk, well 5 days later I had bad O-cramps and a + opk. So I think my body tried to O, but didn't for some reason and tried again later. So anyway my cycle is going to be messed up this month I think, I"m usually a 28dayer. Good Luck everyon e!


Kelly11 - March 30

AshleyB---I did get what was a faint positive and then two days later got AF heavy and crampy as every so I don't know if I was really pregnant or not?!? I would love to wait again with you though, it's so nice to be on somebody with the same schedule. Except right now I have NO idea what is going on with my cycle. What do you think about my double positive OPK's four days apart?


Cookie - March 31

Hey Ashley B, hadn't seen you on our thread lately and here you are...I also think I o'd around the 23 or 24, I have been having some crazy nausa and exhaustion the past few days, today i'm not feeling so sick, but my bbs are starting to hurt, Kelly11 I tried using opk kits last month...and found I kept getting positives if I took them in the morning...what time did you test? they say it's best to test in the early afternoon b/c everyone has some amount in their urine..(or that is what I read at least) I didn't do it this month, I also had a faint line BFP last month and went to the dr to find out what was going on..did blood tests and found out that my Hg was only at 16 and then down to 6 and got my af a fews days was a chemical i'm hoping this month it sticks...2ww are horrible...let's hope they go by quickly :-)) Baby dust....


Kelly11 - March 31

Morning girls! How is everybody doing? Welcome Cookie---well, on Sunday I tested at 12:45 in the afternoon and had a really dark positive with a smiley face. Then monday morning I tested and there was a lot lighter of a line and no smiley face. So then I figured that's when I ovulated, and then I tested again thursday a.m. and got a positive line with a smiley face and then again yesterday evening and got a negative. So I'm thinking that something was just screwey with it on thursday a.m. and I probably did O sometime between sunday and tuesday. That's what I'm going to a__sume anyway---do you think that would be right? We bd'd last night too just in case, so I just don't know when to expect no AF ; )



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