Anybody Ovulating On The 3rd Of November And Wanna Wait

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me!!! - November 3

im ovuating today and getting diahorrea,nausea,sore bbs tiredness and cramps and a whole lot of ewcm!!! come join and test with me in 2 weeks


vicki - November 3

Hello! I have been getting a few signs too! stomach cramps, bbs soreness off and on, getting nausea (last night). Lately at night i have been very tired and felt that my eyesight was going blurry.


Anna - November 3

Hi! I don't know if I've ovulated yet or not. I think it was suppose to be last weekend but I'm pretty irregular and new at this so I'm not sure. I'd love to wait with you!


kristina - November 3

hello ! i'll join in ! i'm expecting to ovulate at ANY MOMENT ! went to the docs last night and she said i look "pretty fertile" due to cm, so i'm hoping in the next day or two i will ovulate. me and hubby are getting a bit exhausted from all the bd'ing ! we've been bd'ing every night since sunday. still no +opk test, so we continue :-) hoping it comes soon. i've been having cramping today but not sure why. can ovulation cause cramping ?


Anna - November 3

Hi Kristina! We seem to be meeting on the same threads. I'm still not sure if I've ovulated - I have had a lot of clear cm the last two days. I'm not sure if that is good or bad??? I mentioned something to my hubby about charting temps and he thought I was nuts! He doesn't want me to become obsessed about it, but I think I already am :)


Laura - November 3

Hi, I ovulated on the 29/30th lots of c/m over the weekend. I am hoping for no a/f on the 14th of Nov.


kristina - November 3

hello again ! you're right. i think we're both in the same boat....not quit at the 2-week wait yet :-) haha, i know what you mean. i underplay my obsessiveness so my dh doesn't suspect i'm going overboard, but it's almost impossible not to get obsessive, huh ? kind of wish i didn't have a job where i sat at a computer all day and can read all these posts every 10 minutes. hee hee. i've been temping and my temps are still in the pre-ovulatory range which i guess is good. temping is sort of fun. kind of amazing what your body tells you. i would say go for it ! every little bit helps in this insane process :-)


Anna - November 3

I think I will start temping if AF comes again this month. I'll have to try to figure out how to hide it from him! I'm not sure what to think about my situation - cm increased some earlier in the week but now it seems to be more watery. Last month at this time my bb's were really hurting and then they stopped a few days before AF. Mine really don't hurt right now. This really is an insane process! I know what you mean about being in front of a computer all day - I keep having the urge to read the posts on here! I think I'm becoming addicted! Well I hope eventually we are on our tww AND that we get BFP's!


kristina - November 3

hi anna - well, just got some more ewcm. but the weird thing is there was a bit of pink tinge to it. which i haven't seen yet. probably a fluke. made me wonder if it could be ib and maybe i ovulated earlier than i thought, but that's really not possible. but the ewcm sign is still good for looming ovulation :-) hmmmm, not sure how you can hide the thermometer. do you think he'd be upset if he saw you temping ? i usually tell my hubby that i read something and that it's supposed to be helpful or that my prego neighbor did it and really helped her. i make it sound like it's perfectly common and normal and to be honest it actually makes me feel less stressed charting all my signs b/c at least then i have something to work with. i think not monitoring my signs would be worse and more stressful ! plus, my doc just told me that i should try temping even on the first month. next time around sounds like a good idea :-) i think watery still sounds good since after ovulation, it pretty much dries up. so it's better than nothing ! i notice people say they see lots of ewcm. i only see it a handful of times in the 5 days. maybe once a day. well, i'm signing off for the day, but i'll be back to obsess with you all during the work day tomorrow :-) what will we do over the weekend ! i usually sneak a peak at the posts on the weekend so my dh doesn't see how much i'm actually on it ! hee hee. have a nice night !


kristina - November 3

anna - just read on fertility friend that ewcm can be tinged with pink. that clears that up :-) alos, it says that watery cm could either be your most fertile cm or is leading up to the ewcm. so bd just in case !


Anna - November 3

Kristina - I'll make sure to bd tonight. Hubby hasn't wanted to the last 2 nights but promised he would tonight! The problem with the temping is that there are three guys at work who's wives wanted to have girls (already had 2 boys) so they had been reading and obsessing about it. They had been temping and all sorts of other things and he doesn't want me to go "psycho" as he likes to call it. I do agree that it is more stressful not to know - I am definitely going to temp next month. The pink ewcm sounds promising for you. Good luck! I'll be going home soon too (hopefully - we are in the middle of month end close at work). I'll be here in the morning to obsess with you!


me - November 4

hey i ovulated yesterday now my cm has gone back watery and theres lots of it. i feel great today apart from this mouth ulcer. and tingly teeth but its 2 early for anyhting yet but i cant wait i just know after 17 1/2 months this 1 is mine


Dawn (DS) - November 4

Hi Can I join you ladies? I think I will ovulate this week as I have had ewcm for the past 7 days and now my cervical position is very high.


kristina - November 4

hi dawn and me ! another day of waiting begins :-) dawn, have you been bd'ing every day since you saw the ewcm ? me and dh have and we're getting a little worn out :-) it'll be a week straight now of bding. but hoping for my + opk test today :-) me, i think this is your month too ! we'll be hoping for you and lots of baby dust. do you normally have watery cm after ovulation or dry up right away ? watery cm could be a good sign of prego :-)


Naysa - November 4

Hey Ladies!I'll wait w/ u guys.I should O sometime this week,maybe today.It's hard to figure out because I stopped BCP 2 mo. ago,& last mo. Af came 2 days early.Before that it was every 28 days...Maybe it will take awhile to get preg because I've been on BCP for so long.Anyway,good luck to all of you and I hope to see some BFP on here soon!!!*~*~BABYDUST~*~*


Anna - November 4

Good morning! I guess I've got 8 days until (no) AF. I'm still not sure if I ever ovulated so I'm anxious for Nov. 12th to get here to see if AF arrives. My bb's have begun to get slightly sore and I still have some cm (some waterly, some white; tmi!!!) but not a ton. We're still bd'ing at least every other day just to make sure. To me - I hope this is your month too! It would be great if at least one of us would get a BFP this month! Naysa - I'm glad you're joining us! The more the merrier!


Dawn (DS) - November 4

Kristine-I don't think my husband could cope with s_x a week straight. We b'd on sunday and last night but I got a positive opk today so my dh asked if we had to have s_x again tonight-of course we do.



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