Anybody Waiting To Test 5 17 5 23

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Ana - May 11

Hi girls, any waitng budies out there expecting BFP between 5/17-5/23? I'm 6dpo, due for AF 5/19 .


Lisa - May 11

My af due on 5/15-hope it doesn't show and I get a BFP. excuse my ignorance but what is dpo?


Kiki - May 11

days past ovulation. You're not ignorant:0)


Lisa - May 11

Thanks Kiki.


Tara - May 11

My af is due 5/17. I've been feeling some wierd pains and having heart burn. I had a miscarriage in March, so I would be very excited, but also a little scared.


Jen - May 11

My af is due on 5/20. I am really hoping that I am pregnant. I just did my first round of clomid. I have wierd cramping also and I am nauses.


Rachel - May 11

My first post here. I am expecting AF around 5/16-17. This is our first cycle of ttc after my dh's vasectomy reversal. I had a baby nearly 16 years ago, but the pregnancy was unexpected and I don't remember any of these early signs/symptoms! My precious son, Jared died suddenly on 11/28/04 of a seizure in his sleep. So here I am at the ripe old age of 40 trying to be a mom again. Anyway, I have had very sore bbs (not unusual for pms for me). Yesterday I had fairly sharp twinges in my lower abdomen all day long - only a little today. And then today, one little brown spot at 9 dpo. I can't really think seriously that we would be successful on the first try, but I would definitely be happy about it! After all, I don't have a lot of time to waste at my age. Here's to lots of BFPs next week!!


tracey - May 11

Rachel, so sorry to hear about your loss. Here's wishing you lots and lots of luck!


Rachel - May 11

Thanks Tracey! This is like a whole new world for me! In a few months I've gone from being the mom of a teenager to ttc. It's crazy, but I loved being a mom more than anything, and my dh of a little over a year is more than willing to give it a try, so here goes. I guess I have what you could call "symptoms", but I'm really trying not to read too much into all of it. The one little brown spot today really makes me wonder because I wouldn't be starting af this early, and that's one thing I can say is not in my head or imagination!!


elisabeth - May 12

hi ana! yes i'm waiting to test on the 19th also. for the past week i have felt so crampy! my b___sts are sore and my nipples are extremely sensitive and i'm discharging more than normal. i'm keeping my fingers crossed! good luck to you!


aimee - May 12

i'm expecting AF on 5/19 and 9 DPO!


TLP - May 12

1st off I want to say good luck to you all!! Now for hubby and I just started our quest this past weekend. Sunday morning I woke up and had slight cramps all day. We went for it again on Sunday evening and again Monday I had the slight cramps again. Well I have brushed this off as Ovulation as Tuesday was the 1st day of my ovulation cycle so we did it again!! But this morning I noticed that I have quite a bit of discharge could this be a really early sign? Please help I need to know what to look for I have been wanting a baby for 3 years and my hubby has just agreed to start!!


Tia - May 12

Im waiting to test 18th May.... nipples abit tender and been having period type cramps since 4 dpo with the occasional twinges in my lower abdomen!! Me and hubby been TTC for 5 months ... hope we all get BFP this month!!! x x x


Tia - May 12

I have a question.... are cramps actually a sign of pregnancy??? If so, what type of cramps???


Jen - May 12

Hi all! I'm new and ttc #2 with dh. we've been trying for a few months now-AF due 21st-hopefully not! To the cramp Q-With my first I had cramps on both sides kind of like O cramps-maybe light period cramps-but no blood or anything. I am currently 5 dpo and experiencing a lot of cm and its yellow-anyone having this?


chisom - May 12

Hi Two days past ovulation had a serious pain round my stomach. Today am down with flu and pain all over, little twings on belly. being ttc since begining of may, can it be a sign? waiting for BFP by 23/05/2005, God help me. Millions of Baby Dust to everyone waiting.


Jen - May 12

I am about 9 dpo. I have tons of cm which is not normal for me. I took my first round of clomid this month and I am hoping that maybe this is our lucky month. I have a docotrs app. on the 17th should I just wait and test then?



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