Anybody Waiting To Test 5 17 5 23

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Jen - May 12

I am about 9 dpo. I have tons of cm which is not normal for me. I took my first round of clomid this month and I am hoping that maybe this is our lucky month. I have a docotrs app. on the 17th should I just wait and test then?


Lindsay - May 12

Hi All- First time poster here. I am 11 dpo and should be getting my af tomorrow or Sat. This cycle my doctor put me on Clomid and additionally I had to initiate ovulation w/ the Ovidrel shot. It is so frustrating to have to wait! Ugh! My only symptoms are that I had major cramping yesterday (possible implantation???). No cramps today. My nipples are also incredibly tender. I usually don't have any bb issues prior to starting my af so it is out of the ordinary. Its difficult not to get your hopes up, isn't it? So having said that, I will be testing on the 16th (Mon) which is my dh's 30th b-day! Wouldn't a positive hpt be such a wonderful present! :)


Ana - May 13

Hi everyone! This is my third month of ttc, and I noticed last month that I get a little bit nauseaus aprox. a week before AF is due.It is very mild and it never last more than a day. I read some articles and I found that progesteron is on highest levels at that time and it can cause nausea and brest tendernes. This month I'm nauseaus for two days now, my b___sts are extremly sensitive, it is the time when my progesteron levels should be at highest levels, but I don't know what to think any more, is it a possible pregnancy symptom, or just normal reaction to progesteron. Any of you have similar symtoms? It is too early for me to test. I'm bad when it comes to early testing, can't wait. Is anyone planning to test this weekend? Good luck to all and tons of baby dust to all of us.


Allie - May 13

I'm 10 dpo right now, and having the hardest time not testing! I know it is too early, but I am mirroring the moodiness I had when I was pregnant before (I had an ectopic pregnancy rupture almost two months ago). I am afraid I might want the pregnancy so much that I am causing symptoms...I'm trying to wait until the 20th to test (16 dpo)...


bump - May 14



Erin - May 14

Hi everyone. I am 10 DPO today. I have been having problems the past few months where I haven't ovulated, and cycle where I did ovulate I would have a 7, 8, or 9 day luteal phase. So I am very excited to be 10 DPO today. However, I started spotting today, nothing more. I really hope it is implantation spotting. I'll see what happens tomorrow. I looked at a TON of charts on fertility friend, and the average day for implantation spotting was 9, 10, or 11. So I have hi hopes! I nipples were VERY sore earlier this week, but that has now stopped. I have been extreemly tierd which is always accompanied by a headache. I want to wait until the 18th to test (it's just soooo difficult to wait). My DH and I have been ttc for 8 months now. I hope this is the month for all of us! *Baby Dust*


Erin - May 15

Well, I'm out of the waiting game already. AF came today. :-( Good luck to everyone else!


Ana - May 15

Hi everyone! I'm 10 dpo today and I just couldnt resist this morning, I tested and it was BFN. I'm hoping that it is to early, especialy since I'm nauseaus 5th day in a row, mostly in the afternoons. I just don't know. i can't believe I'm imaginig this. Erin, sorry to hear about AF. I hope your BFP will come next month. Allie, hang on, sometise I think too that all is in my head and I'll be so disapointed this month if I don't get BFP. Good luck to everyone, and tons of baby dust.


Allie - May 15

Well, 12 DPO today, I gave in this mornng and tested, BFN - I'm prayng it was just too early, but honestly I really don't "feel" pregnant this month - other than being super-moody way too early for my usual PMS I don't have any symptoms...


Tara - May 17

Well, af showed yesterday. I'm a little disappointed, but figure my body isn't ready after my m/c in March. Hopefully it will happen soon for us all! Stay positive!


Angie - May 17

I'm 8 dpo- and waiting to test - This is my 3rd cycle of clomid9 up to 150 this month) far sxs are sore( extremely ) bbs, stuffy nose ( mybe it's allergies?), and a triphasic chart- so keeping my fingers crossed.


Lana - May 17

I'm waiting too. AF due 20th and hopefully things will finally go my way. We have been TTC for 2 years and nothing yet. I will keep my fingers crossed for all of you.


Michelle - May 17

Question for you ladies. AF was due on 5/14 and has not shown. I recall on May 4th feeling ovulation again (1st time 4/30). May 4 DH and I had s_x but he pulled out ejaculated and put p___s back inside. I am sure he was still c_mming if not leaking. Can pregnancy occur via the leaking? I'm figuring if conception didn't occur on 4/29 or 4/30 when we were intimate perhaps it happened on the 4th or did he mess things up????Thanks!


Allie - May 18

Well, I don't need to worry about testing again until next month, AF decided to come visit today.


Angie - May 19

I got a bfp ladies! 10 dpo w/clomid cd5-9! I'll retest again in the am to make extra sure!


Ana - May 19

Congratulations Angie! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. I tested BFN this morning and I thing AF is comming. baby dust to all



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