Anyone Esp Grandpa Viv Please Help Me

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prayer - March 22

im three days late, and today i have noticed some brownish pink discharge. i ave never had that at a start of AF, it has always been when i finished. usually i would have experienced a sudden gush of dark red blood and thats how i would know im coing on my period. cant afford to take a pregnancy test and the family planning clinic in england will only test girls who wpould definately terminate. not sure what to think/. also tender br___ts, mood swings, a few spider veins on my nipples, slightly darker nipples. im 17, not sure what i should be thinking.


Satera - March 22

The best thing that I can tell you is to just calm down. You really need to think about the possibilities. Don't get to worried, you might just be freaking out. Now just wait and see if there is anything take the online pregnancy test that might help you.I am sorry I can't help you more but this is all I can do. I wish the best of luck and I will pray for you.


chriss - March 22

Prayer. Like Satera said, please try to be calm. The first thing you need to find out is whether or not you are indeed pregnant. The symptoms that you have explained above could certainly be pregnancy symptoms. Please consider your options, can you borrow $$ from a friend to buy a HPT? Can you go to your school nurse/guidance councillor and talk about this? They may be able to point you in the right direction. Please try to find a way to get a test done, can you not go to someone in your family, if not your parents, a brother/sister/aunt/uncle. I know that it is a difficult time and people may be upset that you might be in this position, but people do make mistakes. Please try to talk to someone about this. I wish you luck and please let us know how things turn out for you. If you ever need to talk/type then there are a bunch of great ladies (and Grandpa Viv) on this board and we will be here to support you if you need us!!



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